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Marti Technics to Supply TBM for San Pedro Tunnel

Marti Technics to Supply TBM for San Pedro TunnelSwiss logistics and engineering specialist Marti Technics Ltd will supply a TBM to UTE San Pedro, a JV set up by Sando, Aldesa, Tapusa and Copasa, to drive the 8,549 m east tube of the San Pedro tunnel in Spain.This Herrenknecht TBM was used by Marti to bore in Valais canton in Switzerland the west tube of the Lötschberg tunnel between Steg and Ferden, as part of the prestigious Alptransit railway crossing. The length of that tunnel section (8,925 m) and its diameter are very similar to those of the new San Pedro tunnel, located north of Madrid between Colmenar Viejo and Soto del Real on the new high speed railway between Madrid and Valladolid.Marti Technics has already commenced to rebuild the TBM and back-up to restore a perfect new serviceability for the new challenge awaiting the machine under the mountains north of Madrid. The TBM will be equipped with a new 9.45 m-diameter cutterhead with 60 17" cutters, ten 350 kW motors and a recommended thrust of 16,050 kN. The back-up system will consist of five gantries, bringing the total length of the TBM to 142 m for a weight of 1,450 tons. Marti Technics pledged to implement the numerous innovations and improvements developed in tunnelling projects by the Marti Group using such hard rock TBMs.The contract also includes a latest generation conveyor belt, equipped with a belt storage of a 450 m capacity. These equipment have been totally designed by Marti Technics' engineers and they comply with the highest requirements of the market. For the San Pedro tunnel, the JV of contractors will benefit from Marti's broad experience in tunnel construction gained throughout 40 years. Marti will provide technical support during the entire excavation process and assist the client in the critical construction phases. Click es/56. Visit www.martitechnik.ch or click on their banner at the top of this page. Also visit www.herrenknecht.com 51/03. The TBM to be reused to bore the Sant Pedro tunnel, east tube