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Köhlbrand crossing update


The operation of the Köhlbrandbrücke is no longer regarded as economically viable beyond 2030. In addition, the bridge, which was inaugurated in 1974 and has a headroom of 53 metres, no longer corresponds to the predicted proportions of future container ships. The Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) therefore started to consider a new Köhlbrand crossing in 2017.

The process is deliberately designed to be open to all possible solutions. For example, a multi-stage feasibility study is investigating a fundamental balancing of requirements between a tunnel and a bridge solution for the New Köhlbrand Crossing. As an initial interim result shows, both solutions would be technically feasible.

On the basis of the completed investigations, considerations are to be made, among other things, on the dimensioning and route of the infrastructure structure. Reliable results enabling a fundamental evaluation are expected by the end of 2018. Therefore, it is not yet possible to make any statements about a time and cost plan for the New Köhlbrand Crossing.

For further information click de/163 for the tunnelbuilder archive, also visit https://www.hamburg-port-authority.de to read the press release in full. 47/18.


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