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Introducing The mini-HELI Antenna Range From Poynting Antennas


Poynting have an established history of providing circular polarised antennas for mine tunnels internationally. The MinePoynt (HELI) range of antennas are well established for several years and deployed in many mines and tunnels in Europe, Australia, Africa, USA, Canada and other countries internationally. With the high demand in underground antennas, and for new technologies such as WiFi-6 and LTE/5G, Poynting have developed a new range of antennas that offer both dual-band 2.4/5GHz and LTE/5G mine tunnel antennas in a smaller size enclosure.

High bandwidth communication systems perform a vital role in the safety and productivity in tunnelling operations, enabling modern underground operations to use communication systems that enable secure voice communications, to locate both people and machines, remote control of vehicles and systems, and site access and security.

In recent years the proliferation on M2M and IoT applications above ground has moved underground and highlighted the requirement for better quality communication in mines and tunnels that can seamlessly move to networks above the ground.

The new mini-HELI range of mine tunnel antennas are only mini in size relative to their bigger brothers, the already popular HELI-3, HELI-4 & HELI-8 and offer medium to high gain while providing the smallest possible installation height for mounting on the tunnel roof or side wall. This new range of antennas is typically used for the deployment of IoT within the tunnel to provide telemetry and mine automation and can also be used for coverage into the stopes and smaller tunnels. The Mini-HELI range of antennas offer different variants (model numbers) for dual 2.4GHz/5GHz.

Poynting have expanded their purpose designed mine tunnel antenna to offer the new Mini-HELI range of slimline circular polarised antennas. These antennas are designed with a low profile, capable to offer Dual-band Wi-Fi and LTE/5G/WiFi-6 connectivity within the same series.

Introducing The mini-HELI Antenna Range From Poynting Antennas

Coverage range of these antennas have been tested to exceed conventionally deployed antennas, with underground measurements of between 400m and 1km achieved, reducing the cost of deploying too many access points / radios. Making use of these antennas, with their dual/multi frequencies, MIMO, bi-directionality and circular polarisation features, enables a more stable underground communication system with less signal fading and much higher reliability when compared to normal industrial Wi-Fi and LTE antennas.

The following models are available in the mini-HELI antenna series.

Introducing The mini-HELI Antenna Range From Poynting Antennas

A preconfigured set of antenna assemblies are available for ease of ordering. These assemblies consist of BRKT-045-V2-01 and two antennas with both Left Hand Circular (LHC) Polarised and Right- Hand Circular (RHC) polarised antennas as follows:

Introducing The mini-HELI Antenna Range From Poynting Antennas

Introducing The mini-HELI Antenna Range From Poynting Antennas

For further information on the mini-HELI antenna range and to understand how these can save your underground operation time and money, please contact sales-europe@poynting.tech or visit our website at www.poynting.tech