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India - Terratec Hard Rock Double Shield TBM commences operations for Vishnugad-Pipalkoti Hydropower project

India - Terratec Hard Rock Double Shield TBM commences operations for Vishnugad-Pipalkoti Hydropower project

TERRATEC is pleased to announce that the Ø9.86m Hard Rock Double Shield TBM has commenced the excavation for Vishnugad-Pipalkoti Hydropower Project in India.  

The TBM is currently working for Hindustan Construction Co. Ltd. of India which is the main contractor responsible for this project. The ongoing project takes place in the state of Uttarakhand, around 500km Northeast of Delhi. The work involves the construction of dams, waterway tunnels vertical shafts and a powerhouse with a generating capacity of 444 MW.  

The Double Shield TBM has been designed for the construction of a low-pressure head race tunnel, which is a crucial component of a hydroelectric power system. This TBM is equipped with customized features to efficiently complete the 13km tunnel. The team has been waiting to complete the drill and blast section of the project.  

The alignment for the Vishnugad-Pipalkoti Hydropower project comprises primarily of Dolomitic Limestone (33%) and Slates (64%), with the remaining 3% passing through critical geological sections. These sections include Thrust Zones (with shallow overburden of 150m), Shear Zones (consisting of 5 zones), and Fault Zones (totaling 3 zones). These areas present significant challenges, and as a result, the TBM has been specifically engineered to handle these conditions. Additionally, TERRATEC is providing the Continuously Advancing Tunnel Conveyor for the project.  

The CutterHead of the TBM features 19'' disc cutters while maintaining twelve large bucket openings. The 4,200kW electric main drive is designed to help the TBM to excavate through the expected hard rock, delivering a torque of over 22,000kNm. As the TBM progresses, universal reinforced concrete lining rings, measuring 1,500mm wide and 350mm thick, are installed. These lining rings consist of five segments plus a key.  

The TBM is equipped with features such as a high-speed regripping system, single-shield advancing mode, high-pressure emergency thrust, flood control doors, and numerous others. The key components of the TBM were manufactured in Australia and Japan, while the assembly took place at the TERRATEC facilities in China.  

TERRATEC's dedicated and skilled Field Service staff are available to offer exceptional after-sales support ensuring the best possible performance is obtainable.  

The addition of 444 MW capacity in the Northern region will significantly reduce peaking power shortages in that area. The project has a design energy of 1657.09 MU. Out of the 13% of free power allocated to the home state of Uttarakhand, 1% will be utilized for local area development.  

TERRATEC has been chosen for the tunnel package in Vishnugad-Pipalkoti Hydropower Project due to TERRATEC’s continuing success on projects such as Phase III & IV of the Delhi Metro, Lucknow Metro, Pune Metro, Kanpur Metro, Ahmadabad Metro and Mumbai Metro. This is a result of tailor-made robust TBM design, prompt onsite assistance, readily available stock of TBM spares, and highly-skilled specialised TBM support throughout tunnelling operations. For more information visit: www.terratec.co. 34/23.