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Grand Paris Express – Ten new TBMs by 2019

Grand Paris Express – Ten new TBMs by 2019

During 2019 ten new TBMs will be launched to be used as part of the Grand Paris Express tunnel construction. Currently  two TBMs are being assembled for line 16 in Schwanau, at the Herrenknecht factory and will soon leave for Seine-Saint-Denis. Once they have reached their destination, they will respectively begin to dig 3.3 km from Braque Shaft (Aulnay-sous-Bois) to Hugo a Blanc-Mesnil  and the 2.6 km from Canal Shaft (Aubervilliers) to Finot.

On the 24th of April the RATP Group inaugurated the S1174 Herrenknecht TBM which is driving the 4.5km Line 14 South section from the future SMR (Maintenance & Depot Site) at Morangis to the north towards Pont Rungis Station in Thiais.  This TBM, the only one of the Grand Paris Express project starting from the Essonne, has been named Koumba in honour of Koumba Larroque, a wrestling world champion born in 1998 (the year that Line 14 was commissioned). The French wrestler will attend the 2020 Tokyo Olympics which is when the TBM will finish excavating.

Line 14 will be using three TBMs from 2019 to the beginning of 2021 to extend the line 21 km to the north and south. The TBMS are Koumba which will be used to drive  4.5 km on the  Morangis - Pont de Rungis section, Claire used for the 4.5 km Pont de Rungis - Jean Prouve section and a third TBM for the 5km Jean Prouve-Maison Blanche section. The final 140 m section from Maison Blanche to Olympiades will be built using a traditional method.  Click here and fr/127 for tunnel builder archive.  Visit https://www.societedugrandparis.fr, https://prolongementligne14-orly.fr and https://www.ratp.fr/.  22/19.

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