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France - Delivery of Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) for Toulouse Metro Line B and C Connection

France - Delivery of Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) for Toulouse Metro Line B and C Connection

In October 2023, the Tisseo Collectivites trade union committee unveiled the names of the five TBMs designated to construct the 27 km long metro Line C, featuring 22 km of tunnels and 21 stations (four of which are above ground). Additionally, the committee announced the TBM responsible for connecting Line B (CLB) to Line C in the Toulouse metro.

The selection of the names for these six TBMs, commemorating notable women who left a lasting impact on Toulouse, was carried out in collaboration with the Academy of Floral Games, celebrating its 700th anniversary.

  1. Jeanne Marvig (1872-1955) - TBM No. 1 for Line C: A poet associated with the Ecole Romane movement, she adopted the pseudonym Marvig, a combination of her married name Marty and maiden name Viguier. She served as the Games Godmother of the Academy of Floral Games.
  2. Lise Enjalbert (1916-2015) - TBM No. 2 for Line C: A virology professor, painter, and historian, she was the first woman appointed as the maintainer of the Academy of Floral Games.
  3. Berthe de Puybusque (1848-1926) - TBM No. 3 for Line C: A poet and writer, she held the position of Games Godmother in the Academy of Floral Games.
  4. Marie-Therese de Villeneuve-Arifat (1815-1917) - TBM No. 4 for Line C: A marquise and daughter of one of the Academy's maintainers, she became the Games Godmother in 1857.
  5. Marguerite de Catellan (1662-1745) - TBM No. 5 for Line C: A poet and scholar, she was the first woman awarded the title of Godmother of the Floral Games in 1717, settling in Toulouse in 1697.
  6. Clémence Isaure - TBM CLB (Line B to Line C Connection): A semi-legendary medieval character credited with founding or restoring the Floral Games in Toulouse in the 15th century.

On January 11, 2024, the delivery ceremony of TBM EPB Clémence Isaure took place at the Bessac company factory in Saint-Jory. The TBM will be transported to the Ramonville construction site by the end of January for the excavation of tunnels connecting Line B (CLB) and Line C.

The CLB connection, spanning 2.7 km, involves the construction of two underground transit structures to the West, connecting to the current Line B tunnel, and to the East, linking to the viaduct under construction on Ramonville and Labege. Additionally, two single-tube tunnels, each 500 m long and 4.66 m in diameter, will pass under the Canal du Midi and Avenue Latecoere. The rest of the route will be built on a single-track viaduct from the motorway to the Labege Madron station.

The TBM EPB Clémence Isaure, previously used for Line B tunnels and water network excavation in Brussels, will be transported from Saint-Jory to Ramonville between January 22 and 24, with visibility on the M826 (route de Castres) between Balma and Quint-Fonsegrives on January 23, from 4 am to 9 pm.

Excavation of the first tube is scheduled between February and June 2024, followed by the second tube between July and October 2024. PREGA-produced segments, utilizing low CO2 content concrete exclusively sourced from Occitanie, will be installed by the TBM.

Construction work on the Line B and Line C connection began on March 24, 2023, aiming to enhance transportation in the south-east area of the city and improve service to major economic centers in the region. The project, with an estimated cost of EUR 249.3 million, is financed by Tisseo Collectivites (EUR 143.8 million), the Departmental Council of Haute-Garonne (EUR 65 million), the Regional Council of Occitania (EUR 20 million), and the State (EUR 20.5 million).

By September 2027, the new route will connect Ramonville, the current terminus of Line B, with Labege, featuring two additional overhead stations: Parc du Canal and Labege Madron (formerly INP).

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