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Fort Wayne’s Deep Rock Tunnel 2021 completion date

Fort Wayne’s Deep Rock Tunnel 2021 completion date

At the beginning of December 2020 the TBM MamaJo, whose name is derived from the three rivers that flow through the Fort Wayne city, reached the 4.82km (3 mile) point of its journey for the ‘Three Rivers Protection & Overflow Reduction Tunnel (3RPORT)’ project and it is now south of Jefferson Boulevard.  

The intricate connection to the many neighborhood sewers along the 5 mile route will be finished very soon (click here to see the tunnels progress), with the tunnel going operational in 2023. When completed, the tunnel and related projects will keep nearly 3.78 bn liters (1bn gallons) of combined sewage out of Fort Wayne’s rivers each year. Click here and us/122 for the tunnelbuilder archive. For further information also visit https://www.cityoffortwayne.org/tunnel-project-updates.html.. 01/21