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Follo Line Project update

Follo Line Project update

Almost 2/3 of the Follo line tunnel has now been completed by, the joint venture between Ghella and Acciona. They have bored 24,000 m through extremely hard rock which has been interspersed with weak  zones. Eufemia, the first TBM, started in September 2016. Altogether the four TBMs have approximately excavated around 66% of the total length. The first breakthrough in the northern direction is expected at the end of this Summer in 2018. 

The TBM Eufemia has excavated almost 7 km, 77 % of her way to Oslo, and Ellisiv is following only 60 ms behind. They are both ahead of schedule. The average progress is 100 m/week per machine. The TBMs Anna and Magda are working continuously towards Ski, and they are also on schedule. They have excavated respectively 5.2 km (57 %) and 5 km (55 %).

The precast factory has produced approximately 15 400 tunnel rings, around 75% of the 20,236 total needed. AGJV is constructing the main part of the tunnel on the project on behalf of Bane NOR. Click no/86 for tunnelbuilder archive. Visit http://agjv.no. 14/18.


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