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CBE Group innovates in China

CBE Group innovates in China

CBE Group recently delivered several segment moulds and a carousel to the city of Chengdu, in the Sichuan province, for an innovative technical gallery project.  

The project’s technical gallery is divided into several segments, easy to manipulate and endowed with a resilient structure. Usually built outdoors and equipped with huge concrete panels that are difficult to manipulate, these galleries are usually not fit for an automated production. The innovation that CBE Group offers here allows a standardization of their production, which might catch the interest of several other cities wanting to simplify the creation process of such projects.  

Initially ordered by the Financial Board for Public Works of Chengdu, associated with Railway Group n°23, the plans for the moulds and carousel were designed by CBE Group’s Design Office in Saint-Avertin, France. While the carousel remains fairly standard (aside from a small adaptation on the concreting station), moulds had to be adjusted, largely due to the oval shape of the gallery. Out of the 1068 meters of the gallery, 768 meters were created with precast segments. The remaining part was done in concrete, poured onsite. The rings which compose the main part of the gallery and were produced using CBE Group technology are each divided into 5 segments.  

This project is composed of two tunnels, each one also divided in two parts: the first one allows sewage flow on one side and the installation of cables on the other side. A second tunnel, built on the same model, shares both water supply and electric cables.  

It is the first time that such a project is realized using precast segments. This first attempt was highly successful: time gain, easier handling of the pieces and improved resilience of the tunnel are part of the advantages that make this gallery project a real innovation in the underground industry.

CBE Group is an French industrial SME, specialized in the engineering and the manufacturing of steel moulds, precast factories and maintenance equipment to manufacture concrete segments for all sorts of tunnels. The company masters every step of the process: from the conception in the Design Office to the launch of the plant.  

Created in 1987, CBE was bought in 2005 by Didier Lefebvre, who launched CBE Group. On October 3rd, 2017, Philippe Samama became the new CEO after a change in capital within the company. Located in the Loire Valley region, its main offices are in Saint-Avertin (37), with two production sites in L’Ile Bouchard, France and in Yangling, China. 

CBE Group / 1987-2017 • 182 carousels • 23 570 moulds produced • 500 projects in 52 countries • 250 employees in France and in China  

• APS – Advanced Precast Systems  CBE Group has tried to diversify its offer in order to reach new markets in the precast world, offering to manufacture moulds for any type of concrete element (railway sleepers, noise barriers, breakwaters) using industrial methods. Its dedicated department, Advanced Precast Systems (APS), launched in 2014 the first ever automated plant for the production of artificial blocks for breakwaters in La Réunion. Other similar projects have been launched since in France and abroad. www.aps.cbegroup.fr    • ACIMEX In 2010, CBE Group purchased ACIMEX, leader in the domain of industrial gripping and lifting of heavy loads and pieces. ACIMEX designs and manufactures vacuum devices for the handling of concrete, steel or PVC pieces and large scale tubes and pipes, using vacuum technology or hydraulic clamps. These systems are able to lift and handle up to 30 tons in full safety.


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