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Brenner Base Tunnel - European support for the project

Brenner Base Tunnel - European support for the project

Following the recent breakthrough of the southern portal of the Brenner Base Tunnel, European Commissioner for Transport, Violeta Bulc, visited the BBT construction sites near Fortezza.

The Commissioner emphasized that BBT is proof that the innovative large-scale projects are progressing according to plan and budget. The Brenner Base Tunnel is a flagship project at all levels, which will not only ensure that European countries move closer together, but also that their markets are better and more efficiently networked. The project will connect not only the historical Tyrol but Northern and Southern Europe. Already 93 km of 230 km (two main tunnels and safety tunnel)  have been completed. The next step will be the launch of the second TBM at the Mules site, where the main tunnel will be excavated towards the north.

The BBT project is creating additional jobs: in Italy and Austria 1,700 women and men are already directly involved in the project. In the coming months, with new works in Austria,  this number will increase to 2500.

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