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Breakthrough for the new Tenda tunnel between France and Italy


On July 31, 2023 at 11.40 am a mechanical hammer broke through the 2 m thick diaphragm of the new Tenda tunnel between Italy and France. 

The breakthrough is an important milestone in the new 3.2km tunnel construction by the Edilmaco company. Anas and the Commissioner Structure, in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport Infrastructures and under the guidance of the Italian-French Intergovernmental Conference, are carrying out the construction works of the new Tenda tunnel, a particularly complex construction site burdened by the extensive damage caused by the Alex storm of October 2020, by the difficulties stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic and lastly by the very strong increase in material costs.  

The tunnel opening to international traffic, in an alternating one-way direction, is expected by June 2024.  

At the same time, the equipment for the 13 bypasses, whose excavation has already been completed, the concrete lining of the new tube (over 1,500 m on the Italy side and 300 m on the French side) and the construction of the invert are progressing.  

In France, the preparatory works for the construction of the new bridge over the collapsed valley of the Rio della Ca' are underway. In addition, the tunnel adits are going to be moved to converge on the new bridge.  

The fate of the historic tunnel could be re-discussed on 29 September in Rome when the Intergovernmental Conference (IGC) of the Southern Alps will meet to authorize the budget which has gone from the initial EUR140 million to almost EUR300 million. The modernization of the historic tunnel - to be completed by 2025 - could in fact be separated from the Edilmaco contract and entrusted to another company, the third since the start of the construction site.  

For further on the project click here, it/159 and fr/67 for tunnelbuilder archive. Visit https://www.stradeanas.it and https://www.mit.gov.it/. 31/23