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Black River launch

Black River launch

Near the banks of the Black River in Ohio, a 7.0 m-diameter Robbins Double Shield TBM and continuous conveyor system are starting up. The TBM was built using Onsite First Time Assembly (OFTA) approach. Launch for the 1,676 m Black River Tunnel took place on November 18.11.2013, approximately 3 months after assembly began. 

As of December 2013, the machine had advanced approximately 60 m into the bore. Tunnelling started slowly while final adjustments to the TBM and conveyor assembly were made.

On 17.01.2012 the Lorain City Council approved a EUR15million (USD20,732,954) contract with Walsh/Super Excavators JV for the Black River Conveyance & Storage Tunnel. The major components of the tunnel are the launch shaft and reception shaft – each approximately 11 m-diameter and 50 m-deep – and a 1.7 km tunnel with a finished diameter of 5.8 m.Read the press release. Visit www.robbinstbm.com. 50/13.