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BBT - Eisack Underpass work completed


All the main works have been completed at the construction site of lot H71 “Eisack River underpass” of the Brenner Base Tunnel, and subsequently the work completion report has now been signed.  

A consortium of companies led by Webuild and including Strabag, Collini Lavori and Consorzio Integra, with the involvement of a supply chain of 600 companies, is engaged in constructing the works.   

The lot includes an underpass of the Eisack River and will contribute to the completion of the Brenner Base Tunnel, which is among the most strategic sustainable mobility projects that Italy is investing in. Following the completion of the construction work for the future railway tunnels, the site will be cleared and the areas will be greened in a manner compatible with the seasonality of the tree species.  

The Eisack Underpass lot constitutes the southernmost part of the Brenner Base Tunnel, before the access to the Fortezza station. The lot has involved the excavation of approximately 6 km of tunnels running for a total of 240 m under the bed of the Eisack River. Innovative, state of the art technology was used in its construction. For the Eisack River underpass, one of the most complex sections, the technique of ground consolidation by freezing was adopted, allowing the construction of tunnels where there is a strong presence of groundwater and in full respect of the environment, preserving flora and fauna.  

The Brenner Base Tunnel is a record-breaking tunnel connecting Fortezza, Italy, to Innsbruck, Austria. With a total length of 55 km (64km if the existing Innsbruck railway bypass is included), it will be the longest underground railway link in the world. It will connect Italy to Austria across the Alps, allowing a significant reduction in travel time. Today, travelling by train from Fortezza to Innsbruck takes 80 minutes for passenger traffic and 105 minutes for freight traffic, while in future, when the tunnel is completed, it will take 25 and 35 minutes, respectively.  

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