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Astaldi Receives New Major Contract for Line 5 of Milan Metro

Astaldi Receives New Major Contract for Line 5 of Milan MetroA joint venture led by Astaldi - with Torno Internazionale, Ansaldo Trasporti Sistemi Ferroviari, Ansaldobreda, Alstom Trasporti and ATM (Milan's transport operator) as partners - won a major contract to design, construct and operate Line 5 of the Milan metro. The announcement was made on 22nd February, 2006 just a few days after Astaldi pocketed the contract for Line C of the Rome metro. Line 5 in Milan is Italy's first metro line to be developed under concession. The planned duration of the works, including the final design phase, is 58 months from the signature of the contract between the City of Milan and Astaldi. The duration of the concession is 27 years.The total investment, including design, construction and technological equipment, amounts to EUR504 million, EUR193 million of which will be put up by the concessionaire and financing banks and EUR311 million of public contribution. Astaldi's share of the construction works amounts to EUR119 million. The project will generate revenues of EUR724 million during the concession period. Line 5 is a driverless light metro line with fully automated rail system. The new line will link Garibaldi station to Via Bignami near Sesto in the north suburbs of Milan along a route spanning approximately 5.6 km in double track tunnels and serving nine stations (Garibaldi, Isola, Zara, Marche, Istria, Ca' Granda, Bicocca, Ponale and Bignami). Line 5 will become an efficient alternative to tens of thousands of citizens who now travel on one of the most trafficked roads in north Italy, providing a direct link with the hinterland and the Brianza, Italy's production heart. The new line will intersect with the existing Line 2 in Garibaldi and Line 3 in Zara. In the future, the line will be extended to reach Monza Bettola, with four new stations. Click it/16. Visit www.astaldi.it and www.comune.milano.it 09/06.