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Combined Sewer Overflow

The CB3A joint-venture composed of the US-based subsidiary of Bouygues Travaux Publics (65%) and local civil works contractor Barletta Heavy Division (35%) secured the €394 million Pawtucket Tunnel Project contract in the Rhode Island Delta, approximately 75 km south of Boston.  The project includes the design and construction of the 3.5 km Pawtucket tunnel and its ancillary structures, the excavation of three main shafts and 4 drop shafts.   The tunnel will be excavated along the Seekonk River using a TBM specially designed to accommodate the varied geology of the route. Its 9-m internal diameter will enable it to collect and store a significant proportion of the region's rainwater, wastewater and industrial water pending treatment by the water treatment plant. CB3A will be supported by engineering company Aecom to carry out the design. The contract is for a period of 48 months. Visit https://www.bouygues.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/pr_pawtucket_12.01.2021.pdf. 02/21.