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A Lovat TBM commenced work on 15th November, 2005 in Indianapolis to help redirect raw sewage overflows away from four schools, playgrounds and neighbourhoods in the city's eastside. The USD19.2 million Pogues Run sewage overflow reduction. Super Excavators, Walsh Construction and Insituform are the constractors, with Clark Dietz and Brierly Associates as designers and Christopher B. Burke Engineering as inspection firm. The USD19.2 million project is to be completed by August 2006.The machine is a 4.2 m-diameter mixed-face EPB shield along with associated ancillary equipment. It is equipped with 150 kW water-cooled Variable Frequency Drive electric motors which will provide the cutting head with 110 to 270 tonne*metre of torque from 4.8 rpm to 1.9 rpm with constant horsepower. The forward shell/cuttinghead structure will have two degrees of active articulation driven by 12 180-tonne cylinders. The USD12.5 TBM will have a maximum propulsion thrust of 2,200 tonnes and a stroke of 2.3 metres. Operating up to 4 bar, the TBM will feature a two stage 60 cm-diameter screw conveyor that can be retracted from the cutting head chamber. The 31-metre screw conveyor is composed of two independently-driven sections. Each screw can be operated at different speeds to assist in control of EPB pressures. A two-component grout system will be used through the use of efficient, reliable and even-distribution peristaltic pumps. The system is interlocked with the machine's advance, thereby controlling the volume/pressure of the injection relative to the surrounding soil. Lovat has been using this design since September 2002 in North America and first developed and used outside North America in September 1997. This EPB TBM will bore through man-made fill composed of clays and mixed sands, as well as cohesive glacial till deposits, interbedded with sand and gravel outwash. The TBM will erect and install a prefabricated 6-piece reinforced concrete segment lining. Visit www.lovat.com and www.indygov.org 52/05-01/06.