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Arcadis has been selected to provide tunnel engineering expertise for the 681.4 million litre (180 million gallon) Upper Rouge River combined sewer overflow (CSO) rock tunnel for the Detroit Water and Sewer Department, a USD600 million construction project. Arcadis' fees for this project will be over USD12 million. Read E-News Weekly 13/2003. Visit www.arcadis-us.com and www.dwsd.org 49/05.Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. announced that a subsidiary company received a contract from the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) to provide detailed design and construction management services for the Upper Rouge tunnel. The value of the 7-year contract will be USD73.5 million. The Upper Rouge CSO tunnel project involves 16 km of an approximate 9.15 m-diameter underground tunnel that will capture and store combined sanitary sewage and storm water flows from 17 Rouge River sewer overflow locations plus the cities of Redford and Dearborn Heights. It will significantly reduce the incidents of polluted waters flowing into the Rouge River and, therefore, reduce pollution to surface waters of the area. Visit www.jacobs.com and www.dwsd.org 09/06.The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) is inviting contractors to tender, deadline 17th April, 2008 for construction of the south tunnel of the Upper Rouge tunnel CSO control project (contract PC-764). The work mostly includes excavation, initial support and final lining of a 61 m-deep 24 m-diameter pumping station work shaft that will be used to launch the TBM; 5,700 linear metres of tunnel, 46 metres below grade with a finished diameter of 9.14 m; six connecting adits/deaeration chambers ranging in finished internal diameter from 2.1 to 9.8 m and in length from 24 to 439 m; and the final lining of the DS-7 work shaft. The construction contract will last from September 2008 to December 2012. Bidding documents may be obtained from the DWSD, Contracts section, 1504 Water Board Building, 735 Randolph, Detroit, Michigan 48226 or contact Darryl Latimer, Contracts and grants manager, e-mail latimer@dwsd.org. Sealed bids have to be delivered to the Detroit Finance Department, Purchasing Division, Room 1008, Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, 2 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, Michigan 48226. Visit www.dwsd.org/procurement/pc-764.pdfThe Upper Rouge tunnel is designed to mitigate and control the combined sewer overflows (CSOs) from 17 outfalls in Detroit, three outfalls in Dearborn Heights and eight outfalls in Redford Township and provide a facility to capture and store these CSOs to the Upper Rouge river during wet weather events. The project will be divided into eight construction contracts: two tunnel contracts (south and north tunnels), five near surface facility contracts, and one pump station contract. The DWSD completed the design in December 2007. The tunnel system includes an 11.28 km 9.14 m ID tunnel, a 24.4 m ID pump station, two work shafts about 15.2 m ID each and 14 drop shafts with various IDs. At about 50 metres below ground level, the tunnel passes through three geologic formations: Antrim shale, Travers Group, and Dundee limestone. Presence of toxic and explosive gases like hydrogen sulfide and methane gases and artesin groundwater conditions can be expected during tunnelling. The tunnel will be built by TBM. The north tunnel will be tendered separately and built between March 2009 and July 2013. 13/08.Bids for the Upper Rouge Tunnel CSO Control Project - North Tunnel will be opened publicly at 14.00 h on 20.11.2008. Work includes excavation of: the 15.9 m-diameter x 56.3 m-deep DS-7 TBM launch shaft; 5.82 km of 9.55 m ID rock tunnel at 48 m-deep between shafts DS-7 and DS-11; the 24.2 m-diameter x 54.1 m-deep DS-11 shaft; and five substantial adits with de-aeration chambers to connect the north tunnel to proposed drop shafts. Full details at www.dwsd.org/procurement/PC-763.pdf. For archive click us/96. 47/08.