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Awarded the €1.5billions contract for design, engineering, procurement, manufacturing, installation, assembly, testing, commissioning and maintenance of HVDC electrical interconnector between Norway and the UK – Cable System.

The North Sea Network (NSN) Link, the first electricity link between UK and Norway, was contracted to two cable suppliers, Prysmian and Nexans, to deliver the cable needed for the 740 km route.  The converter stations in both UK and Norway will be delivered by ABB

Prysmian will supply and install 950 km of submarine and land cables for the UK and Norwegian North Sea sections of the route.

Nexans will supply the fjord, tunnel and lake sections (lot1), as well as the onshore connection in Norway. They will design and manufacture 500 km of HVDC cables at their Halden plant.

ABB will supply the high voltage direct current converter stations at the UK and Norwegian ends of the link. The contract includes the design, supply and commission of the converter stations using their HVDC Light technology. Contact National Grid NSN Ltd and Statnett SF, att.n Adam Coulson and Jan Erik Skog, Warwick, tel +44 7584204887, e-mail adam.coulson@nationalgrid.com and jan.skog@statnett.no. Visit http://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=308836-2015, http://www.statnett.no/, http://media.nationalgrid.com/  and  http://nsninterconnector.com.Ref.n. WS322273034. 41/15.