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Turkmenistan, Ashgabat - tm/11

Combined Utility

Two 6.25 m-diameter Herrenknecht EPB TBMs, machines No. S-218 and S-219, with VMT semi-automatic guidance systems, screw conveyor, and articulated shield being supplied for 8 km drive with radius of 300 m and 5 km drive. Segment design by Herrenknecht, Ceresola and PSP. Universal rings, OD 6,000 and ID 5,400 with six segments plus key. Segments to be installed using bolts, with central socket for mortar injection. Geology consisting of clay and silt. Ashgabat's geology is made of loam, sand and sections of crushed gravel. Soils are mostly cohesive with groundwater table ranging from below to above the tunnel alignment. Some sand lenses have to be expected imbedded within a stiff silt-matrix. S-218 being shipped from Antwerpen to Turkmenbaschi. Arrival in Ashgabat end of August 2002. On-site assembly in September 2002 for tunnelling start in October-November 2002. S-219 is still in Schwanau, Germany and will be transported in about two weeks. Contractor is Ukrainian company Construction Association Interbudmontazh (CAI). Client is the municipality of Ashgabat. Visit www.herrenknecht.com and www.vmt-gmbh.de 32/02.