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Thailand, Samutprakarn - th/13

Trunk Sewer

  Planned system 128 km long of which 35 km presently under construction using up to five Soltau 3.5 m-diameter EPB machines fitted with screw augers. Progress limited by availability of jacking shafts, but 16-23 m/day reported for first 4 km of completed 3.0 m internal diameter pipe. More information from paulsoltau@aol.com . October 1999.  Alignment of tunnel parallels the coast at 20 m depth along Sukhumvit Road. Some 65 jacking and reception shafts being installed and a further 40 required for sewer connections. Time for standard 600 m drive between shafts in marine clay horizon is 14 days and time to sink and prepare a shaft for launch is six weeks. Twelve drives completed, with three out of the five Soltau machines in the ground at any one time. Contractor VSK Pipejacking jv will commence another 10 km of small diameter connectors early-2000. December 1999.