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Switzerland, Oenzberg - ch/31


Award of 3 km-long tunnel to be constructed by TBM by consortium of Zschokke-Locher/Prader/Murer/CSC/Wayss & Freytag. Visit www.wayss-freytag.de March 2000.   Preconstruction work underway of $60 million, 3.161 km-long x 10.85 m-diameter single tube in molasse and moraine while awaiting delivery of Herrenknecht TBM ex-Thalwil scheduled March, 2001. Completion 2002 for opening of 45 km-long Mattstetten-Rotthrist section end-2004. Visit www.wayssfreytag.de and www.herrenknecht.de December 2000.  The 3,160 m-long Oenzberg tunnel has been holed through on 14th February, 2003 on the Mattstetten-Rothrist section of the Bern-Olten high speed railway in Switzerland. The contracting JV formed by Zschokke-Locher, Prader, Murer, CSC and Wayss & Freytag used a Herrenknecht mixshield TBM equipped with a 12.36 m-diameter cutting head. Tunnelling lasted 17 months. Visit www.herrenknecht.com. Read E-News Weekly # 52. 09/03.