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Switzerland, Jura - ch/30


Theiler & Kalbermatten boring 3.5 km pilot using refurbished Robbins TBM. May 1998.3.1 km x 3.5 m-diameter pilot bore due to get underway early-2000 using hardrock TBM in limestone and marls. Contracting jv comprising Batigroup, Frutiger and Infra 2000, value $9 million. Sept 1999. 4 km of single 75 sq m tubes commencing February, 2000 for tunnels de la Perche and du Banne using Tamrock Titan 3-boom Superdrilling jumbo by jv of Rothpletz & Lienhard, Walo Bertschinger, Courbat and Doyon. Second Tamrock machine employed on rockbolting. More from www.ulrich-ammann.ch November 1999.Open call for tenders, deadline 30th September, 2005 for construction of the 2 x 750 m-long 3.6 m-diameter pilot tunnel of the Neu-Bois tunnel on the A16. A TBM will be used to excavate through limestone. Support with welded wire fabric, anchors, steel arches and plates. This ground investigation bore will then be enlarged by a roadheader machine to build the future tunnel. Visit http://ted.publications.eu.int/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=111507-2005, OJ S 112, or contact Republique et Canton du Jura, Delemont, fax +41 324207301. Visit www.a16.ch. Subscribe to E-News Weekly 16/2005, 13/2004 & 35/2002. 25/05.Open call for tenders, deadline 28th October, 2005 for ground exploration gallery for the Choindez tunnel on section 8 of the trans-Jura motorway A16. Length to be built with traditional method is 605 m, section 15.4 sq m. Length to be driven by a TBM is 2,395 m, excavated diameter 3.6 m. Visit http://ted.publications.eu.int/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=132118-2005, OJ S 133, or contact Republique et Canton du Jura, Delemont, fax +41 324207301. 29/05.Open call for bids, deadline 27th June, 2006 for construction of the 2,901 m-long Bure tunnel (contract 2.602) on section 2 Boncourt-Porrentruy west of the A16 highway, cut-and-cover portals (94 m), 10 cross passages, niches, three vertical shafts, a ventilation station, etc. A pilot tunnel has already been bored. Read E-News Weekly 41/2005, 16/2005, 34/2004, 13/2004, 32/2006 & 35/2002. Visit http://ted.publications.eu.int/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=051678-2006, OJ S 49, or contact Republique et Canton du Jura, Delemont. 12/06.PraderLosinger has launched tunnelling of the Choindez ground exploratory tunnel on section 8 of motorway A16. The first 625 metres will be built using a roadheader, cross section of 15.4 sq m, while the remaining 2,400 metres will be dug by means of a TBM, outer diameter of 3.6 m.The works freshly commenced will allow to know more precisely the geological, hydrological and geotechnical nature of the bedrock through which the main tunnel will run in a few years. The exploratory tunnel has a total length of 3,024 metres for a 3.6 m diameter and will be excavated from its north portal towards Vicques until its south portal. This work phase will end in June 2008. The contract amounts to CHF16.5 million. Then, this pilot bore will be used in particular for ventilation and water drainage during construction of the main tunnel. In the end, it will be used as a safety tunnel. The final design of the Choindez main tunnel, to be driven at about 40 metres east and parallel to the exploratory bore, will be finalised by end 2007. The engineering contract has yet to be awarded.The ground investigation tunnel will be bored using traditional means, i.e. a roadheader on the first 625 metres and a 3.6 m-diameter TBM on the remaining 2,400 metres. A separate bidding process to build the main tunnel will be launched in 2008 or early 2009. The tunnel will be a single bored two-way tunnel. The diameter and exact cross section will be defined later. From north to south, the geology will be Alsacian molasse (625 metres) and Jurassic limestone (2,400 metres). Visit www.praderlosinger.ch 44/06.Construction of the 2 x 750 m Neu-Bois exploratory tunnel has been awarded to a JV of Infra Tunnel (leader), Implenia, LGV Impresa Construzioni, G. Comte, Les Fils de Marc Joliat, R. Seuret, S. Facchinetti and G. Chetelat. The contract amounts to CHF56.9 million. Tunnelling will proceed as follows: construction of a pilot bore by means of a 3.6 m-diameter TBM designed to allow for probe drilling during tunnelling; enlargement of each pilot bore to the final cross section using a roadheader; and building of cross passages by drilling and blasting. Visit www.infratunnel.ch, www.implenia.com and www.a16.ch 44/06.PraderLosinger will use a Voest Alpine ATM 50 roadheader for the first 625 metres of the 3.6 m-diameter Choindez ground exploratory tunnel on section 8 of motorway A16 and a Herrenknecht TBM (machine S-96), belonging to the company, for the remaining 2.4 km. For both methods, Belloli anchors and Bruno Fratelli steel arches. Concrete to be supplied by Sabag. Mucking-out by two 7.5 cu m GHH MK-A15 dump trucks at the roadheader section. Mucking-out for the TBM section will be undertaken by a muck train. The process is still under study. Construction of the roadheader section commenced on 1st September, 2006 and will end on 30th June, 2007. The TBM section will start afterwards from 1st July, 2007 to 30th June, 2008. Click ch/30. Visit www.miningandconstruction.sandvik.com, www.herrenknecht.com, www.belloli.ch, www.belloli-italia.com, www.brunofratelli.com, www.matsabag.ch and www.ghh-fahrzeuge.de 46/06.Work at the Graitery tunnel on the N16, between Roches and Court, began on 6th November. The construction contract of the Graitery tunnel has recently been awarded to GTG (Groupement du Tunnel de Graitery), a consortium led by Marti Tunnelbau and including Parietti et Gindrat, Marti Travaux Spéciaux and Pro Routes. This is a 2,462 m-long two-way tunnel. The alignment runs along the pilot tunnel already built, which will serve as escape tunnel when the main tunnel is in service. The 7.5 m-wide roadway is bordered by two pavements. A ventilation duct in the tunnel crown will extract contaminated air, or smokes in case of fire, from a ventilation plant built at the north portal. The tunnel crosses several calcareous and marly layers. The limestone, about 48% of the volume, will be excavated using drilling and blasting, then crushed. It will be reused at different worksites of the N16. The marls will be excavated using a roadheader. They will not be recycled but trucked to the final disposal site in Chaluet. Preliminary works, awarded to local companies, have already been performed at the two portals since fall 2005. Tunnelling itself will commence with the construction of the access trench to the north portal in Moutier. This access trench will be finished in spring 2007. Excavation of the tunnel from Moutier to Court will then commence. Another attack from Court will be started between 2007 and 2008. The tunnel will break through in 2009 and all excavations will be completed in 2010. Concreting inside the tunnel will begin in 2010, then E&M equipment will be installed until end 2012, the expected date for opening of the tunnel. Visit www.a16.ch and www.martiag.ch 50/06.A JV of Marti Tunnelbau, Parietti et Gindrat, and MTS (Marti Travaux Spéciaux) signed a CHF131.2 million contract to build the 3,059 m Bure tunnel (lot 2.602) on the A16, whereof 2,901 metres will be bored and 158 metres will be built in cut-and-cover at the portals. A TBM will be used. From north to south, the geology consists of 15% of limestone (mid Oxfordian) containing astartes and natices, 40% of marls (mid to upper Oxfordian) containing astartes and 45% limestone (upper Oxfordian and Kimmerridgian) containing lower pterocere, cardium and terebratule. Visit www.martiag.ch, www.parietti-gindrat.ch and www.a16.ch 06/07.Open call for tenders, deadline 23rd July, 2007 for geological, geotechnical, hydrogeological and civil engineering consultancy for the Choindez tunnel. Click ch/30. Visit http://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=105868-2007, OJ S 86, or contact République et Canton du Jura, Delémont. 21/07.