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Switzerland, National - ch/98


Closing Date: 04.09.2020 (Tender Closed)

Postponed from 31/07/2020 to 04/09/2020 the deadline of the open invitation to tender  for the refurbishment of 7 single and double tracks  railway tunnels  - Costa (68 m), Precassino-Meggiagra (713 m), Precassino (402 m), Meggiagra (102 m), Monte Ceneri I (1675 m), Monte Ceneri II  (1692 m) and Molincero  (75 m).These are on the Ceneri’s existing line, part of the 4 m Corridor Basel-Chiasso/Ranzo . Their outline has to be increased to 4 m and the tunnels will then be equipped with an overhead contact line. The duration of the work is from 19/02/2021 al 02/05/2022. For further information click here (Italian), here (French) and here  or contact SBB, attn Yves Pointet, Bellinzona,  tel  +41 79 293 21 05, email yves.pointet@sbb.ch.  Tenders to be sent to SBB, attn Elisa Bartesaghi, Bellinzona, email elisa.bartesaghi@sbb.ch. Ref.n. 1147195. 30/20.