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Switzerland, Gotthard - ch/50


Closing Date: 10.09.2021 (Tender Closed)

Open invitation to tender, closing date 10/09/2021, for the project planning phase, the tendering phase and the implementation phase up to commissioning, including local construction management, for department 5 (monitoring systems) and department 6 (communication and control technology) of the north and south tubes of the Road Gotthard tunnel, the Airolo tunnel and the north and south areas (Wassen - Stalvedro); overall coordination, project planning and construction management of the integration of all controls from all departments 1 to 8 (energy, lighting, ventilation, Signalization, ancillary systems) in the higher-level infrastructures (higher-level control system and communication system) for the entire project perimeter (Wassen-Stalvedro). The coordination and support of the integration of the controls of the departments 5 and 6 (page Annex) into the higher-level control system of the entire project perimeter (Wassen - Stalvedro) are also part of the present mandate.Duration of the contract is 132 months. For tender documents please click here (German),  here (French) and here (Italian). Contact Ofrou, Zofingen, tel +41 58 482 75 11, fax +41 58 482 75 90, email beschaffung.zofingen@astra.admin.ch. For further on TED tender, please click here.  Ref. n. 120043/160082. 28/21.