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Switzerland, Canton Bern & Solothurn - ch/133


C + E Planing AG from Wohlen (AG) secured the EUR586,171.94 (CHF625,590.63) contract, excluding VAT. For general management assistance for the upgrading of the E&M equipment (ventilation, signalling, survey, communication, operation, cables and ancillary equipment) on the Lengnau – Luterbach della N05, including the Witi tunnel (1760 m, 1760 m), Leutzigen tunnel (1230 m, 1230 m), Spitalhof tunnel  (540 m, 540 m), Birchi tunnel (1 425 m, 1 700 m) and  Zuchwil tunnel. The duration of the contract is 44 months. For further information click here, here and here.

Contact Ofrou, Zofingen, tel  +41 58 482 75 11, fax  +41 58 482 75 90, email beschaffung.zofingen@astra.admin.ch.  Rif.n. 180037. 22/20.