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Sweden, Stockholm - se/30


Open call for bids, deadline 21st August, 2003 for project engineering for the Skantull-Solberga power tunnel. The complete tunnel between Skantull and Solberga via í–rby will be approximately 6.4 km in length, of which 5.1 km will be a new tunnel which will generate 90,600 cubic metres. The purpose is to move an existing aboveground power line into the tunnel. Cross sections: 17.7 sq m (new tunnel) and 12.5 sq m (existing tunnel). Geology is mostly granite. Drill/blast method from five drives. Support technique and mucking-out equipment not yet decided. Feasibility study by Scandiaconsult (SCC), WSP and Bergab. Tenders for tunnelling in April 2004. Estimated cost: SEK400 million financed by Stockholms Gatu- och fastigehetskontor. Visit http://ted.publications.eu.int/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=105172-2003, OJ S 117, or contact Stockholms Gatu- och fastigehetskontor, Stockholm, fax +46 850826301. E-mail kjell.engvall@gfk.stockholm.se and johan.arvidsson@carlbro.se 27/03.Open call for tenders, deadline 16th October, 2006 for construction of a 7 km cable tunnel from Skanstull to Solberga in south Stockholm, a work tunnel and terminal facility. Visit http://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=133115-2006, OJ S 125, or contact Stockholms Stads Markkontor, Stockholm, tel. +46 84800000. E-mail tobias.kednert@mk.stockholm.se or ake.stiberg@carlbro.se 28/06.Details are available about the construction of the Skanstull-Solberga cable tunnel in Stockholm. The main tunnel includes sections of 18.3 sq m for a 5,560 m distance (height 5 m) and 20.3 sq m for a 780 m distance (height 5.5 m). For both tunnels the width is 4 m. There are also three work tunnels of 27.4 sq m with a total distance of 780 m and five vertical shafts for cables, ventilation and stairs. They are deep tunnels in rock (mainly gneiss) below the groundwater level. The new tunnel is not allowed to cause sinking of the groundwater level due to existing buildings at the surface and crossing tunnels above the new tunnel. The tunnel is planned to be built by conventional driving by jumbo and explosives in full section, but alternative solutions may be accepted. To stop groundwater, mainly drilling and concrete injection is planned. To support the rock, mainly bolts and shotcrete with and without fibres will be used. Concrete formwork at the tunnel ends. Steel construction in the five shafts. Small rooms for technical equipment are required underground. An invitation to tender is under way, for contact award in December 2006. Construction to start immediately after for end on 31st March, 2010. Click se/30. 33-34/06.Open call for tenders, deadline 29th October, 2006 for contract management for construction of the Skanstull-Solberga tunnel for electrical cables. The main responsibility of the assignment is to ensure, on behalf of the customer, that all contractual requirements are fulfilled. The contract management shall include expert advising and administrative work. Click se/30 for details about the tunnel. Visit http://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=182698-2006, OJ S 171, or contact Stockholm Stad Markkontoret, Stockholm, fax +46 13312490. E-mail toblas.kednert@mk.stockholm.se or request@opic.com 38/06.Open call for tenders, deadline 22nd February, 2007 for construction of the Hjorthagen cable tunnel. This is an approx. 1.1 km tunnel, also including a vertical shaft and a 300 m work tunnel. Read E-News Weekly 41/2006 for more details. Visit http://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=250227-2006, OJ S 234, or contact Markkontoret, Stockholm, fax +46 13312030. E-mail anna.pramsten@mk.stockholm.se 51-52/06.Oden Anläggningsentreprenad pocketed a SEK335 million contract to build a 7 km cable tunnel from Skanstull to Solberga in south Stockholm, a work tunnel and a terminal facility. Visit www.oden.nu 05/07.