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Sweden, Västra Götaland County - se/27


Negotiated procedure, deadline 18th February, 2002 for the construction of a double tunnel, 2.3 km for the west tube and 1.2 km for the east tube, on the northern line between Gothenburg and Norway. VBB Viak worked as consulting engineers on the project. Visit http://ted.eur-op.eu.int/ojs/en/frame.htm, OJ S 10, document 7689-2002 or contact Banverket, Gothenburg, fax +46 31103251. E-mail regionvastra@banverket.se 04/02.NCC has been commissioned by Banverket, the Swedish railway administration, to build a tunnel in the bedrock between Oxnered and Trollhattan, western Sweden. The order is worth SEK355 million.The assignment will involve the construction of a 3.6 km double-track bedrock tunnel and two parallel evacuation tunnels with separate exits that will have a combined length of 2 km. A total of approximately 500,000 cubic metres of rock will be blasted. The rock quality in the area is such that a portion of the excavated rock will be used as macadam for the railway tracks. The selected method is drill-and-blast. Continuous pre-injection will be conducted to reduce leakage of groundwater into the tunnel. Cement-based substances will be used for this process. Work to begin in October 2002 with an estimated construction period is about 2.5 years. Visit www.ncc.info and www.banverket.se 44/02.The 108 sq m single-tube, twin-track running tunnel is being excavated by NCC using drill/blast on a north-south alignment in granite gneiss from four faces, using three Atlas Copco three-boom drillrigs. Full-circle cement pregrouting is being carried out from 30 off 20 m-long holes drilled ahead of each face, under the protection of which 15 m increments are advanced using Dyno emulsion. One complete cycle/week/face is being achieved. Water ingress limit of 3.5-2.5 lit/min/100 m of tunnel imposed by client Banverket. The 2.2 km-long x 27 sq m rescue tunnel is being excavated simultaneously. More from goran.manell@ncc.se or visit www.boomer-rig.com 10/04.Banverket, the Swedish rail administration, has awarded Bergab a SEK6.1 million contract to act as chief manager for the 7.6 km Hede-í„lvängen railway section on the line from Göteborg to Trollhättan (75 km) and to Norway, a project named the Väner rail line, which includes the 1.8 km Kattleberg twin track tunnel. Banverket Projektering will be the deputy chief manager for SEK5.8 million. The Vänern rail route to Norway is being expanded to a two-track railway dimensioned for speeds of up to 250 km/h. The entire route from Göteborg to Trollhättan will be completed by 2012. Visit www.bergab.se and www.banverket.se/sv/Banverket-projektering.aspx 41/08.