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Spain, Huesca - es/61


Open invitation to tender, deadline 10th October, 2001, for engineering design for Aragon motorway link between N-330 and N-121, including tunnels. Contact Ministry of Works, fax +34 91 597 8536 or visit www.boe.es 41/01. Open call for bids, deadline 18th September, 2002 for construction of a Pyrenean trunk road between Sabií±í¡nigo and Fiscal in Aragon. Includes two tunnels (2,598 m and 164 m). Visit http://ted.eur-op.eu.int/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=117424-2002, OJ S 148, or contact Ministry of development, Madrid, fax +34 915978537. E-mail cpublic@mfom.es 33/02. The ministry of development has awarded to a JV formed by Constructora Pirenaica and Vialex Roldí¡n Constructora Aragonesa a €59.7 million contract to build section Sabií±í¡nigo-Fiscal on the Pyrenean trunk road N-260. This new road will link the Alto Gí¡llego and Sobrarbe counties, shortening travel time by 20 minutes and the distance by 29 km. The 23.2 km road will cross the Pedralba hill with a 2,598 m tunnel. There will be refuges every 370 metres and a rescue tunnel under the carriageway accessible by vehicles. There will also be a 163 m tunnel, three bridges and five viaducts. Time frame for construction: three years and two months. Visit www.copisa.com 06/03.Open call for bids, deadline 7th October, 2003 for work supervision during construction of the Sabií±í¡nigo-Fiscal section, including two tunnels (2,598 m and 164 m). Visit http://ted.publications.eu.int/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=130081-2003, OJ S 143, or contact Ministry of development, Madrid, fax +34 915978537 or 8470. E-mail plicas-carreteras@mfom.es 33/03.Prointec secured a EUR1.9 million contract for construction management and work control of the Sabií±anigo-Fiscal section on road N-260 in Catalonia, including two tunnels of 2,598 m and 164 m. Visit www.prointec.es 11/04.Open invitation to tender, deadline 26.02.2009, for dualling of 3,856 m of N330 including construction of second tube for 2,885 m-long Caldearenas tunnel together with crosspassages, to form part of A23 motorway in Huesca province. Contract value EUR100 million, duration 40 months. Specs and docs from Centro de Publicaciones del Ministerio de Fomento, Madrid, e-mail cpublic@fomento.es, fax +34 915978470. Visit http://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=337793-2008. 02/09.