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Slovenia, Ljubljana - si/11

National Highway

New roads across Slovenia will require 34.3 km of twin-tube tunnels from Lendava to Koper and from Jesenice to Bregana with excavated section 80-100 sq m, finished section 70 sq m and height 4.7 m. Some 5.2 km have been constructed to date, mainly by Slovene enterprises. The six tunnel locations are in differing, complicated geological structures as follows: Trojane in schists, schistose clays and sandstone; Maribor in sandstone, marl and mixed ground; vicinity of Ljubljana in permocarbon schistose clays, sandstone and conglomerates; Primorje towards Nova Gorica in marl and sandstone flysch; Primorje towards Koper in tertiary limestone, marl and sandstone; and Dolenjska, near Catez in schistose clays, sandstone and mixed materials. Supervision and inspection of underground works in Slovenia is carried out by the National Mining Inspectorate, contact fax +386 61 1363325. Sept 1999.