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Singapore, Jurong Island - sg/22

Oil Storage

On behalf of JTC Corporation, a consortium comprising SINTEF, TriTech and Multiconsult will be responsible for the three parts (project management, technical consulting and design) of the underground storage cavern project in Jurong Island. SINTEF and Multiconsult will be responsible for management of the whole of the construction phase. SINTEF will help to draw up tender documentation, participate in following up the operations involved and also carry out post hoc approval procedures of the work done. The project will last for five years, with a budget for the consortium totalling some NOK37 million. The storage caverns have a total volume of 12 million cubic metres and the first phase will involve the construction of a 1.47 million cu m storage cavern. Read E-News Weekly 35/2006 & 17/2006. Visit www.jtc.gov.sg, www.sintef.no, www.multiconsult.no and www.tritech.com.sg 35/06.Tender notice, deadline 20th October, 2006 for contract JTC000/T/42B/2006 for basic design and construction management services for the underground caverns, associated underground and aboveground facilities and jetty of Phase 1 of the Jurong rock cavern at Banyan Basin. The consultant will have to, among other services, provide basic engineering design for all underground works including storage caverns, access and connecting tunnels, maintenance galleries, operation shafts, pump pits and the associated system engineering for the underground facilities that are necessary for the project. The consultant will also have to provide basic engineering design for all above ground facilities including one jetty at Selat Banyan West (SBW). Visit www.jtc.gov.sg/Corporate/tender/expenditure+tender.asp#TenderInfo or contact JTC Corporation, Contact Centre, Level 1, The JTC Summit, 8 Jurong Town Hall Road, Singapore 609434. Read E-News Weekly 35/2006 & 17/2006. 41/06.JTC Corporation (JTC) has appointed an engineering consortium, Geostock-Jurong Consultants, to undertake the basic engineering design and manage the construction of the underground tunnels and associated facilities of Phase 1 of Jurong rock cavern. The successful tender price is SD18,942,000.Based in France, Geostock is an expert in providing technical know-how in engineering and construction services for underground oil storage facilities. Geostock will carry out the basicdesign of the underground tunnels/caverns, the system design of the entire storage facilities and the underground piping facilities. Jurong Consultants will provide consultancy services on the basic design for the aboveground facilities. In addition to working on the basic engineering design, the consortium will prepare, call and evaluate the tender for the appointment of contractor for the detailed design and construction of the underground tunnels/caverns and the associated facilities, and provide contract management and supervision services for the detailed design and construction contract.Geostock is also JTC's appointed consultant for the basic engineering design of the access shafts and start-up galleries. Over the next few months, JTC will be calling a Request for Proposals (RFP) for an operator to run Phase 1 of the Jurong rock cavern. Results of this RFP are scheduled to be announced in the last quarter of 2007. In that same quarter, JTC also targets to appoint the contractor for the detailed design and construction of the underground tunnels/caverns with associated facilities for Phase 1. Visit www.geostockgroup.com and www.jtc.gov.sg 10/07.