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Paraguay, Asuncion - py/11


Breakthrough of $17 million, 3 km-long, 1.6 m i.d. Itay sewer tunnel announced on 30th June, 2000 as first-ever TBM-driven tunnel in Paraguay. Tunnel supported by 2 m i.d. x 0.61 m segmental primary lining with curved bolts and hydrophilic gaskets and 180 mm-thick in-situ concrete final lining. 3 off 5.5 m-diameter access shafts and 11 off 3.5 m-diameter intermediate shafts to maximum depth of 30 m. Unideutsch 2.4 m-diameter EPB achieved best performance of 743 rings/month and 35 rings/24 h day. Overall scheme value $90 million also includes new treatment plant, long river outfall, and 450 km of collector sewers funded by World Bank, European Investment Bank and Paraguayan government. It will provide sewage collection and primary treatment for 25% of population of Greater Asuncion. Visit www.halcrow.com August 2000.