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Netherlands, Amsterdam - nl/40


Schiphol has signed long-term contracts with BAM, Heijmans and VolkerWessels to carry out works at Schiphol for a maximum period of nine years with a total estimated value of EUR2.5-3.5 billion over this period.

The majority of the works are for maintaining and investing in existing infrastructure at the airport. BAM, Heijmans and VolkerWessels were preferred candidates for various parts of the tender since August 2018, as listed below, following a European tender:

Lot 1:     Start and landing areas - Heijmans Infra BV

Lot 2:     Airplane parking - joint venture KWS Infra BV-VolkerRail

Nederland BV (both VolkerWessels companies)

Lot 3:     Landside infrastructure - BAM Infra bv

Lot 4:     Undergroud infrastructure - BAM Infra bv

Lot 5a:   Terminal 1 & 2 - Heijmans Utiliteit BV

Lot 5b:   Terminal 3 & Schiphol Plaza - BAM Bouw en Techniek bv

The contracts start on 1 April 2019.


BAM responsible for lots 3, 4 and 5b, is entering a three-year performance contract with Schiphol for each plot intending to also award the two consecutive three-year terms under the contract.

BAM Infra Energie & Water is responsible for the optimal condition and availability of the underground infrastructure at Schiphol in lot 4. This includes high and low voltage cables, traffic control installations, water and gas pipelines and de-icing installations.

Visit https://www.bam.com/en/about-bam. 05/19.




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