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Lebanon, Mount Lebanon Governorate - lb/13


The Government of Lebanon (GoL) intends to build an Expressway from Khaldeh to Nahr Ibrahim on a PPP basis. Total length of the expressway is 38 km divided into a tunnel section of 12 km and a dual 3-4 lane expressway of total length approximately 20 km, Interchanges, service roads and bridges.  GoL might consider splitting the execution of this expressway into different standalone sections for ease of implementation and for securing the funds for the expropriation.

Starts at the town of Khaldeh South of the city of Beirut and heads northward through Choueifat, Hadath, Hazmieh, then Dikwaneh, Baouchrieh, Jal El dib, Antelias before it connects to the existing Northern Highway at Dbayeh north of Beirut. A new tunnel from Dbayeh to Nahr Ibrahim.

Project timeline:  Due diligence completed - March 2019,  Launching the tendering process - March 2020, Contract Award - September 2020. Contact HCP (High Council for Privatization and PPP), attn. Ms. Diala Chaar, email dchaar@hcp.gov.lb or CDR (Council for Development and Recostruction), attn Mr Elie Helou, email  elieh@cdr.gov.lb. Visit http://hcp.gov.lb/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/NAHR-IBRAHIM-EXPRESSWAY.pdf. 11/18.


Lebanon, Beirut - lb/12

Water Transfer

Council for Development and Reconstruction in Beirut awarded to the Italian contractor CMC di Ravenna a EUR 165 million contract to develop the water network in Beirut. The project, partially financed by the World Bank, consists of building 24 km of tunnels and pipelines using two TBMs. Visit http://cmcgruppo.com/cmc/files/2011/09/20150114_libano_-eng.pdf. 09/15.


Lebanon, Awali - lb/11

Water Transfer

Design studies by Montgomery Watson include 4.1 km tunnel 2.8 m-diameter from Joun hydro station to purification plant at Ouardinaye and 19.7 km bored aqueduct to conduct treated water to Khalde, south of Beirut. Cast concrete lining with some steel in places. World Bank funding. Prequalification in process. April 1999.