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Italy, Veneto - it/148


Closing Date: 25.03.2014 (Tender Closed)

Open invitation to tender, deadline 25.03.2014, for final design of integrated contract and for the safety coordination at the design phase in order to maintenance and efficiency improvement of the technological equipment and safety of the 4 km-long bi-directional Comelico tunnel on trunk road SS 52 Carnica from Km 81 +009 at km 85 +119, in Belluno province. Value contract EUR120,000, excluding VAT, duration 90 days. Contact Anas SpA, Veneto roads department, Venezia-Mestre, Bids and contract Office, tel+39 041 2911440, fax +39 041 2911407, e-mail ve-garecontr@postacert.stradeanas.it. Visit http://www.stradeanas.it/index.php?/appalti/rilevanza_comunitaria/dettaglio/id/64093. Bid code: 03/2014. 09/14.