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Italy, Veneto - it/146


The Veneto regional assembly has approved a financing proposal presented by Grandi Lavori Fincosit, Adria Infrastrutture and Mantovani for the design, construction and operation under concession of the so-called Alpe Adria connection-Extension of highway A27. From the administrative point of view, the proposal has been sent to the regional council to be submitted to a commission of counsellors for approval prior to be examined and approved by the interministerial committee for economic planning (CIPE). Once the CIPE has approved the preliminary project, the project will be subject to an international tender to appoint the concessionaire for the project. The proposal plans to extend to north highway A27 Mestre-Belluno, starting from Pian di Vedoia and ending in Pian de l'Abate south of Caralte, with connection to road SS 51 di Alemagna. The scheme will extend the highway up to Macchietto in the Cadore area at the foothills of the Dolomites. To view the route, click here. Visit www.glf.it and www.fip-group.it/mantovaniThe project length, including the junctions, is approx. 21 km, with bridges and viaducts accounting for around 3.5 km and six tunnels, one of which in cut-and-cover, for a total of 11 km each way. For details, click here. Each carriageway will carry two 3.75 m lanes, an emergency lane and a 2.60 m median. The total estimated investment is around EUR1.2 billion. This is the first of three sections on the A27-A22 corridor aimed at extending the highway from the Cadore to the Carnia, where it will connect with the A23 Palmanova-Tarvisio. The connection with the A23 in Friuli-Venezia Giulia region is planned in a second stage, which will allow motorists to join Austria. 29/08.