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Italy, Rome - it/14


  Consultant: Geoconsult E-mail office@gcs.co.at contact F L Jansky. December 1999.   Project restarted January, 1999 following 20-month delay while final alignment settled. Line C under design from interchange with Line A at San Giovanni station out to first surface station at Torrenova, comprising 11 km of twin tube with 12 stations, all underground. Tunnels to be excavated by EPB and enlargements for crossovers and headshunts by NATM. Stations are generally constructed by NATM from 25 m-deep diaphragm-walled boxes or completely within the boxes. More information from design consultants Gibb, fax +44 (0)118 949 1054. Sept 1999.   Major $2.9 billion project to link Vigna Clara with Pantano by 32.6 km line of which 24.2 km will be underground twin-tube in clay, alluvia and volcanic formations with 26 x 150 m-long NATM-mined stations. Most tunnel will be mined using 5.8 m-diameter EPBs. In preliminary design with tenders for detailed design expected mid-2000. Construction start likely one year later. December 1999. New metro mooted to connect Montesacro to Magliana via Trastevere and Spagna, Colonna, Fiume and Venezia Squares. New extensions planned to line C from Teano to Colli Aniene; line B2 from Piramide to Via Newton through Portuense; and line A north to Gra Boccea and south to Tuscolona. Monitor http://ted.eur-op.eu.int for announcements. October 2000. Tenders for 4.5 km-long line C1 with five stations from Teano (line C) to Ponte Mammola (line B) expected 2004. Also in planning are extensions to line A from Battistini, line B from Pyramide to Portuense, and 7.5 km of line C from San Giovanni to Alessandrino with nine stations. Visit www.atac.roma.it 09/01. Financing agreement signed between the mayor of Roma and the minister of infrastructure for section T3 of Line C between San Giovanni and Piazza Venezia, 3.2 km in length. Financing has already been approved for sections T4 San Giovanni-Malatesta and T5 Malatesta-Alessandrino. Bids to be invited for T4 and T5 in June 2002. The 32 km Line C will require a total investment of €200 million until 2008. Visit www.comune.roma.it/dipVII/traspub/linea_c/home.html 23/02.Preinformation notice for the construction of subsections T4 San Giovanni-Malatesta and T5 Malatesta-Alessandrino of Line C. Twin-bore tunnel, 6.6 m in diameter, length 7.25 km. Stations in San Giovanni, Lodi, Pigneto, Malatesta, Teabo, Gardiene, Mirti, Parco di Centocelle, and Alessandrino. Intermediate ventilation and rescue shafts plus start and exit shafts for the TBMs. Cost estimate of €605 million. Visit http://ted.eur-op.eu.int/static/home/en/homepage.ini, OJ S 120, document 93245-2002 or contact City of Rome, fax +39 065740033. E-mail dipVII@comune.roma.it 27/02.Restricted procedure, deadline 9th May, 2005 for final design, construction and work management of Line C, section Clodio-Mazzini - Pantano (25.5 km). The line runs underground (17.6 km) and at grade (7.9 km). Twin bored tunnels, 5.8 m in diameter on sections T4, T5 and T6A, and 8.8 m in diameter on sections T2 and T3. Section T7 is at grade. Tender estimate: EUR2.5 billion. The client reserves the right to award the construction of sections T1, C1 and T6B, estimated at EUR1.1 billion, to the successful bidder. Visit http://ted.publications.eu.int/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=030709-2005, OJ S 32, or contact Roma Metropolitane, Rome, fax +39 06454640321. E-mail lineac@romametropolitane.it. Full details about the project in E-News Weekly 45/2004. 08/05.The ten prequalified bidders for the construction of Line C are Ferrovial Agroman; Astaldi / Vianini Lavori / Consorzio Cooperative Costruzioni / Ansaldo Trasporti; Impregilo / CMC / Condotte d'Acqua / Grandi Lavori Fincosit; Pizzarotti / SNAM Progetti / Vinci Construction Grands Projets / Alstom Transport; Consortium T&T / Maire Lavori; Aktor; Consortium SIS (Sacyr Vallehermoso, INC and Sipal); Consortium Co.Gen.Co (Bonatti, Adanti, Garboli-Conicos and Intercantieri Vittadello); Consortium Operae (Baldassini Tognozzi, Pontello and other Tuscany-based companies) / Ergon Engineering; and Max Boegl. Click it/14. 24/05.Roma Metropolitane received six bids from the companies prequalified to participate in the tender for the general contractor who will build Line C. The bidders are Astaldi / Vianini Lavori / Consorzio Cooperative Costruzioni / Ansaldo Trasporti Sistemi Ferroviari; Impregilo / CMC / Condotte d'Acqua / Grandi Lavori Fincosit; Pizzarotti; consortium T&T (Technip and Torno Internazionale) / Maire Lavori; consortium SIS (Sacyr, INC and Sipal); and consortium Operae-Tecnologie e Sistemi Integrati di Costruzione (Baldassini Tognozzi-Pontello and other contractors from Tuscany) / consortium Ergon Engineering and Contracting. The winner will be announced by Roma Metropolitane by February 2006. The general contractor who will be chosen through this bidding will be responsible for the executive planning and construction of the project. The foreseen cost amounts to approx. EUR3 billion, financed by the government (70%), the city of Rome (18%) and the Lazio region (12%).The alignment of Line C from Clodio/Mazzini to Pantano spans 25.5 km, whereof 17.6 km underground and 7.9 km at grade. The line will serve 30 stations, two of them being interchange stations intersecting with Line A, Line B and regional line FR1. Work will commence in April 2006 on sections T4 and T5, from San Giovanni to Alessandrino (7,250 m and 9 stations), which will enter in service in November 2012. In October 2013 the second section Venezia-Pantano (21.5 km and 24) stations will open, including the San Giovanni-Alessandrino section and finally the complete Line C (25.5 km and 30 stations) in July 2015. Visit www.romametropolitane.it 49/05.A group of companies led by Astaldi and also consisting of Vianini Lavori, Consorzio Cooperative Costruzioni (CCC) and Ansaldo Trasporti Sistemi Ferroviari, won the contract for the construction of Line C of the Rome metro. The project foresees the construction of a driverless line, with a fully automated rail system, crossing the city of Rome and linking the northern area of Piazzale Clodio/Mazzini with the southeast area of Torrenova-Pantano through the areas of Piazza Venezia and San Giovanni. The new line will run along 25.4 km with 30 stations and interconnection with existing lines A and B. The new line will double the existing metro network. Work to start by April 2006. Commissioning of the first section (San Giovanni-Alessandrino) is scheduled by 2010. Click here for a presentation of the project (in Italian) and here. Read E-News Weekly 45/2004. Visit www.romametropolitane.it and www.astaldi.it 08/06.Notice of concession contract, deadline 30th June, 2006 for concession for construction and operation of Line D of the Rome metro. The priority section goes from Fermi to Prati Fiscali (11 km, 12 stations). A second section will be an east branch off the main trunk up to Ojetti (5 km, six stations) and the third section will be a south extension to Agricoltura (4 km, four stations). Click here. Visit http://ted.publications.eu.int/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=083113-2006, OJ S 79, or contact Roma Metropolitane, Rome, fax +39 06454640321. E-mail linead@romametropolitane.it 18/06.The three JVs who have bidded for the concession contract for the construction and operation of Line D of the Rome metro are: a JV of Vianini Lavori (leader) and Consorzio Cooperative Costruzioni (CCC); a JV of Condotte d'Acqua (leader) and Pizzarotti; and a JV of Impregilo (leader), Astaldi, Ansaldo Trasporti Sistemi Ferroviari, AnsaldoBreda, Sirti and Azienda Trasporti Milanesi (ATM). The selection of the successful bidder, who will design the preliminary project, is scheduled for end 2006. The approval of the project is programmed for 2007. Such project will serve as a base for the invitation to tender which will be released in early 2008. The concessionaire will therefore be selected by the end of 2008. The concessionaire will build and operate the line for 25 years on behalf of the city. At the end of the concession, the ownership of Line D will be transferred at no cost onto the city of Rome. However, the procedure plans to award first the priority section from Fermi to Prati Fiscali (11 km, 12 stations), with option for subsequent sections: eastern branch to Via Ugo Ojetti (5 km, 6 stations) and south extension to Piazzale dell'Agricoltura (4 km, 4 stations). The cost of the priority section accounts for 65% of the project and is of about EUR1,860 million while the eastern branch and south extension have costs of EUR600 and EUR400 million, respectively. Click here and here. Visit www.romametropolitane.it 28/06.Roma Metropolitane announced on 10th November, 2006 that the preferred bidder for construction of Line D of the Roma metro is the JV formed by Condotte d'Acqua and Pizzarotti. The project will be financed by the City of Rome (60%) and the concessionaire (40%). Opening of the 11 km priority section from Fermi to Prati Fiscali, with 12 stations, is scheduled for 2015. Click here, here and it/14. Visit www.condottespa.it and www.pizzarotti.it 47/06.Restricted call for tenders, deadline 30th March, 2007 for drawing up a list of professionals for assignments dealing with preliminary and detailed designs, as well associated technical and administrative work, in case of lack of skilled personnel or difficulties to meet the design schedule, in case of work particularly difficult or dealing with architecture and the environment, or in case of integrated projects requiring a wide scope of competences. Among the projects are Line B1 Bologna-Conca d'Oro-Ionio; Line C (sections T1, T2, T3, T4, T5 T6a, T6b, T7, C1, C2); Linea D; upgrading of Line A Anagnina-Ottaviano; extensions of Line A Anagnina-Romanina and Battistini-Casal Selce; extension of Line B Eur Laurentina-Castel di Leva; extension of Line B1 Ionio-Bufalotta; and other projects. Click here, here and here. Visit http://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=6509-2007, OJ S 6, or contact Roma Metropolitane, Rome, fax +39 06454640111. E-mail progettazione@romametropolitane.it 04/07.