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Italy, Calabria - it/262


Sirti Spa from Rome secured the EUR546,296.01 contract, excluding VAT, for the renewal of radio systems in the, single track and 15 km long, Santomarco  tunnel on the Paola - Cosenza railway. Contact Rete Ferroviaria Italiana SpA, Genoa, tel 39 010 2742929. Visit http://www.gare.rfi.it/cms-file/allegati/gare-rfi-2014/DAC_0009_2018.

Ref.n. DAC.0009.2018. 38/18.


Italy, Piedmont - it/260


Closing Date: 14.12.2018 (Tender Closed)

Open invitation to tender, deadline 14.12.2018, for the design and construction of middle collector works in the South-West area of the Turin Metropolitan Area and the refurbishment of the existing in the south area.

Value contrat EUR125.75 million, excluding VAT. Main category: OG4.

Duration contract 1830 days.Contact Società Metropolitana Acque Torino SpA, Turin, tel +39 01146451231, email ufficio.gare@smatorino.it. Visit http://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=277850-2018.

Ref. APP_31/2018. 27/18.


Italy, Liguria - it/259


Closing Date: 26.04.2018 (Tender Closed)

Call for expressions of interest, deadline 26.04.2018, for the open procedure for the design, supply, commissioning, factory pre-assembly and testing of 2 Hydroshield model TBMs with associated transport and excavation material separation facilities to be used for the excavation of Monterosso natural tunnels (6,2 km), Amandola (6 km) and Borgonuovo (2.2 km). This is part of the project to upgrade the A7-A10-A12 road and motorway system - Genoa Node ( Gronda di Genova). Contact Autostrade per l'Italia Spa, Rome, email logistica@pec.autostrade.it.  Please go to https://autostrade.bravosolution.com/esop/toolkit/opportunity/opportunityDetail.do?opportunityId=5541&oppList=CURRENT . Ref. no. Tender_21014. 16/18.


Restricted procedure, deadline 27.04.2018, for the works management (DL) and safety coordinator (CSE) services for the Gronda di Genova, project, Lot 5. Contract value €6.40 million, excluding VAT. Contract duration 60 months. Contact Autostrade per l'Italia Spa, Rome, email logistica@pec.autostrade.it.  Go to http://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=130439-2018 , OJ S 059 and https://autostrade.bravosolution.com/esop/toolkit/opportunity/opportunityDetail.do?opportunityId=5461&oppList=CURRENT .  Ref. no. Tender_20128. 16/18.


Restricted procedure, deadline 21.05.2018, for the upgrading of A7-A10-A12 (Gronda di Genova) system, Lot 5, sea work termination.  The filling box will be built in the channel between the Cristoforo Colombo airport runway and the breakwater and will be used to collect the resulting materials from the excavation of the Gronda tunnels. Contract value 136.52 million Euro excluding VAT. Contract duration 1611 days after the award. Contact Autostrade per l'Italia SpA, att.ne Ing. Alberto Selleri, Rome, tel +39 0643632307, fax +39 0643634206, email gareappalti@autostrade.it. Go to


, http://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=109240-2018 , OJ S 049, http://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=124799-2018 , OJ S 056 and http://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=165711-2018, OJ S 074.  Contract Code 0266/Network, Order 0G805. 16/18.


Italy, Tuscany - it/258

Gas Pipe

Closing Date: 23.03.2018 (Tender Closed)

Negotiated invitation to tender, deadline 23.03.2018, for the construction of two tunnels (length 1250 m and 290 m, section 13 m2) using the NATM method, two raiseborers (length 120 m and  210 m, diameter 1 000 mm) and a 3.1km DN750 for a gasduct in the Badia Tedalda (AR) municipality. Value of the contract is EUR35 million, excluding VAT. Duration of the contract is 28 months. For further information https://fornitori.snam.it/tamtamy/home.action?lang=ti_it.

Contact Snam Rete Gas SpA, San Donato Milanese, tel +39 0237037011, email mario.mura@snamretegas.it. Visit http://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=051722-2018.

Ref.n. 925614. 06/18.


Italy, Abruzzo - it/257


The joint venture between De Sanctis Costruzioni Spa (leader), Oberosler Cav Pietro Srl, Ircop Spa and Idrogeo Srl secured the EUR190 million contract for the 5.3km Gamberale - Civitaluparella section on the  SS 652 Fondo Valle Sangro (Lot 2, Part 2, section 2). The section, on the left side of Sangro river, includes 5 viaducts for 1.2km total and a 2.5km tunnel. Duration of the contract is 1560 days from the award. Works will start in 2018 and end  in 2022. Contact Anas SpA, attn Eng Alessandro Micheli, Rome, tel +39 06 44464605, email anas@postacert.stradeanas.it. Ref. AQ76/16. 41/17.


Italy, Lombardia - it/256


Closing Date: 12.10.2017 (Tender Closed)

Award procedure, deadline 12.10.2017, for concession with project financing for design, energy upgrading, and the adaptation of tunnel and junction equipment in the province of Brescia. For free bid documents contact www.sintel.regione.lombardia.it. Value contract of the contract is EUR60.65 million, excluding VAT. Concession duration 240 months. Contact Province of Brescia, Brescia, email contratti@provincia.brescia.it. Visit http://ted.publications.eu.int/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=329277-2017. 34/17.


FEN Energia SpA from Milan secured the EUR60 million contract, excluding VAT,  for concession with project financing for design, energy upgrading, and the adaptation of tunnel and junction equipment in the province of Brescia. Contact Province of Brescia, Brescia, email cucbrescia.bs@provincia.brescia.it. Visit


. 35/18


Italy, Emilia Romagna, Liguria, Tuscany - it/255


Closing Date: 28.08.2017 (Tender Closed)

Open invitation to tender, closing date 28.08.2017, for the 2 years framework contract for ordinary maintenance work on floorings, infrastructures, tunnels and other elements such as buildings, toll booths etc on the A15 Motorway CISA, section km 0+000 – km 100+494, in Parma (PR), Massa Carrara (MS) and La Spezia (SP) provinces. The value of the contract is EUR13 million, excluding VAT. Contact Autocamionale della Cisa SpA, Noceto (PR), att.n Eng Daniele Buselli/Dott.ssa Monica Paganini, tel  +39 0521613711, fax  +39 0521613720, email info@autocisa.com. Tenders to be sent to Studio Notarile Canali, att.ne Ufficio del Responsabile del Procedimento, Parma, email info@autocisa.com. Visit http://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid= 265202-2017. Bid n.02/17. 28/17.


The joint venture between SIP Spa (Collecchio), Varia Costruzioni Srl (Lucca), AB Global Service Srl (Collecchio), Iembo Michele Srl (Noceto) and MGA Srl (Licciana Nardi) secured the EUR9.38 million contract, excluding VAT, for the 2 year framework contract for ordinary maintenance work on floorings, infrastructures, tunnels and other elements such as buildings, toll booths etc on the A15 Motorway CISA, section km 0+000 – km 100+494, in Parma (PR), Massa Carrara (MS) and La Spezia (SP) provinces. Contact Società Autostrada Ligure Toscana p.a. Tronco Autocisa (already Autocamionale della Cisa SpA), Noceto (PR), att.n Eng Daniele Buselli. fax  +39 0521613720, email salt@salt.it. Visit http://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=409315-2018.

Bid n.02/17. 38/18.


Italy, Lazio - it/253

Ring Road and Road

Closing Date: 25.05.2017 (Tender Closed)

Open invitation to tender, deadline 25.05.2017, for ordinary maitenance, and 24/7 aid service for  roads etc  that are part of the Grande Viabilità. Contract includes tram alignment and main infrastructures (bridges, tunnels, viaduct etc.) in Rome. The value of the contract is  EUR77.89 million, excluding VAT. The contract is composed of 12 lots. Contact  Roma Capitale, Roma, email daniela.guardabascio@comune.roma.it. Visit http://ted.publications.eu.int/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=127757-2017.  14/17.


Italy, Lombardy - it/252


Closing Date: 09.05.2017 (Tender Closed)

Open invitation to tender, deadline 09.05.2017, for horizontal signalling maintenance, signalling on new pavement and painting of tunnel side walls on the A1, A4, A8/9 and A52 motorways in  Lombardy. Value of the contract is EUR5.61 million. The duration of the contract is 1095 days from the award. Contact Autostrade per l'Italia SpA, att.n Mariagrazia Biassoni, Novate Milanese, tel +39 023520226, fax +39 023520222, email  dt2appalti@autostrade.it. Visit http://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=110637-2017. Ref.n. 013/MI/TEC/2017. 13/17.


Italy, Campania-Puglia - it/251

High Speed Railway

A consortium comprising of Salini Impregilo (60%) and Astaldi (40%) has won a contract worth EUR397 million for the design and the construction of the Naples - Cancello section of the Naples to Bari highspeed railway line in Italy. 

It was commissioned by ITALFERR S.p.A., the project is scheduled for completion by 2022 and comprises the first section of the Naples to Bari line, a key part of the upgrading of the railway lines throughout the country.

The section between Naples and Cancello will bring rail services to the new Napoli Afragola station, which will act as the point of transfer between regional and high-speed services, improving access to rail services in Naples. The project also includes the construction of the Acerra station and two urban stations, namely Casalnuovo and Centro Commerciale. The section will extend for about 15.5 km, 2.9km of which will be a cut & cover tunnel, across the Casoria, Casalnuovo, Afragola, Caivano and Acerra areas. Visit https://www.salini-impregilo.com/en/ and http://www.astaldi.com/. 09/17.






Italferr which is part of the consortium (RTI) formed by Pizzarotti (group leader), Itinera and Ghella has won the  the 312 million Euros contract for the design and execution of the works to double the line. This will increase speed on the Cancello-Frasso Telesino line, an important part of the new High Speed/High Capacity Naples - Bari line.

Part of the new rail track running from Cancello to Frasso Telesino (over 16 km, of

which about 3 km of viaducts and over 4 km of natural tunnels) will run alongside the existing line, and part will detour for about 6 km. The maximum speed will be 200 km/h, and two new stops are also planned at Valle di Maddaloni and Dugenta-Frasso Telesino, to serve the area around Caserta and offer a direct connection to Naples, Bari and Benevento. Click it/251 for tunnelbuilder archive. Visit http://www.rfi.it/cms-file/allegati/fsitaliane_en/Investor-relations/CS_RFI_LINEA_AVAC_NAPOLI_BARI_CANCELLO_FRASSO_24_MAR_2017.pdf. 13/17.



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