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India, Himachal Pradesh - in/48

Hydro Power

Invitation for submission of Expressions of Interest, deadline 15th November, 2006 for execution of the 402 MW Shongtong Karcham hydroelectric project and the 100 MW Sainj hydroelectric project. The Shongtong Karcham hydroelectric project on Satluj River in Kinnaur district mainly consists of a 22 m-high x 241.5 m-long x 102.5 m-wide diversion barrage; a 1,187 m-long 10 m-diameter diversion tunnel; four 169 m to 270 m-long 5 m modified horse shoe shape intake tunnels; four 14 m x 25 m x 300 m sedimentation chambers; four 95 m to 169 m-long 5 m-diameter feeder tunnels to the headrace tunnel; a 8,020 m-long 10 m-diameter headrace tunnel; three 210 m to 601 m-long 7.5 m D-shaped adits to the headrace tunnel; a 122.9 m-high 39.5 m-diameter surge shaft; a 95 m x 10 m x 22 m valve chamber; three 211 m-long 5.1 m-diameter pressure shafts; a 90 m x 20 m x 51 m machine hall; and a 72 m x 15.5 m x 25 m transformer hall.The Sainj hydroelectric project on Sainj River in Kullu district mainly includes a 24.5 m-high diversion barrage; a 100 m-long 4 m-diameter approach tunnel; two 15 m x 7.5 m x 145 m sedimentation chambers; a 6,300 m-long 3.76 m modified horse shoe headrace tunnel; two 4 m D-shaped adits to the headrace tunnel, 320 m and 430 m long; a 87 m-high 9 m-diameter surge shaft; a 550 m-long 2.75 m-diameter pressure shaft; a 59.4 m x 18.9 m x 20 m machine hall; a 45 m x 18.9 m x 25 m transformer hall; and a 400 m-long 4.8 m D-shaped tailrace tunnel.Interested bidders shall submit the Expression of Interest separately for both projects. Firms who meet the requisite criteria would be asked to submit their technical and financial bids. They shall execute the projects on turnkey basis involving complete engineering, procurement and construction under overall supervision of Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board (HPSEB). Quality control, checking of designs, monitoring of project implementation and operation of the project shall be monitored either by HPSEB or an independent engineer/consultant appointed for this purpose and mutually accepted by both the successful bidder and HPSEB. Contact Superintending Engineer, Corporate Planning & Contract Management, Pabbar Valley Power Corporation, Khalini, Shimla-2, Himachal Pradesh, India 171002. Tel. +91 1772622975, fax +91 1772628129. Visit www.hpseb.com/tender9.htm 42/06.