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India, Sikkim - in/24


Teesta V will have an underground powerhouse 99.5 m x 50.5 m x 23 m-high to house 3 units of 170 MW and transformer cavern will be 85 m x 15 m x 25 m-high with an 8 m x 8 m access tunnel. Three 176 m x 4.7 m-diameter steel-lined vertical pressure shafts and a 92 m-high x 25 m-diameter surge shaft. The headrace will be 17.78 km-long x 9.5 m-diameter circular section with three 132 m-long x 6 m-wide D-shaped tailrace tunnels. Two 12.5 m-diameter diversion tunnels 550 m and 600 m in length will be required on the right bank of the Teesta river. Three desilting chambers 315 m-long x 20 m-wide x 22.5 m-high downstream of intake with 4.5 m-diameter circular section silt flushing tunnels. Five sites have been identified for 7 m x 7 m access adits for construction. Pre-construction work underway on 7-year programme. Visit www.nhpcindia.com October 2000.