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Greece, Thessaloniki - gr/23


Preinformation notice for a subsea tunnel in the Thessaloniki harbour. Visit http://ted.eur-op.eu.int/ojs/en/frame.htm, OJ S 62, document 48220-2002 or contact the ministry of public works, fax +30 10 6426787. 14/02. Notice for public works concession, deadline 4th September, 2002 for a submerged tunnel in the Port of Thessaloniki from the west entrance to Alexandrou Avenue. The tunnel itself consist of a 2 x 1,086 m land tunnel from the west entrance up to the first wharf. Then, the tunnel enters the immersed section (2 x 1,240 m) running until the vicinity of the White Tower where it connects to another land tunnel (594 m + 1,072 m) until Alexandrou Avenue. The scheme also requires open sections and entrance and exit links. Visit http://ted.eur-op.eu.int/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=99146-2002, OJ S 127, or contact Ministry of the environment, physical planning and public works, Athens, fax +30 106426787. 31/02. Seven consortia have expressed interest for a road scheme, a part of which requires an undersea tunnel in the harbour. They are: Siragga Thermaikou (Vinci, JNP, Avax, and Etaria Teknikon Thessaloniki); Transport Thessaloniki (Strabag, Bilfinger Berger and Aegek); Thermaiki Odos (Helliniki Teknodomiki, Aktor, Boskalis International, Archirodon, and Themeliodomi); an unnamed consortium (Bouygues, Autoroutes du Sud de la France, Alte, and Volker Stevin); Possidon (Hochtief, Dragados, Ballast Nedam, and Athena); Philippos (Impregilo, GEK, Terna, Avete, Ampedos, and NCC); and finally Thescros (FCC, E. Pihl & Sí¸n, Cl Sarantopoulos, Pantexniki, Attikat, Macquarie International, Peiraios Bank, and Cowi). The winning bidder will design, build, finance, maintain and operate the road under concession. The project is budgeted at €320 million. The Greek government is to contribute up to €60 million. 41/02.Six out of seven candidates have been prequalified for the harbour tunnel. Consortium Philippos led by Impregilo is the only eliminated. The remaining candidates will be invited to collect the design plans this week and the invitation to tender, technical documents and draft concession agreement will be sent in August. A three-month period will then open for the candidates to submit their offer, which is planned in November 2003. A committee will assess the bids and recommend a preferred bidder, which is planned by year-end or in early 2004. Then, the client should close a financial deal and assign the contract, which is estimated to take another four months. Finally, the project will be submitted to Parliament approval. The tunnel will comprise an immersed section (2 x 1,240 m) with two connecting land tunnels at each side (2 x 1,086 m and 594 m + 1,072 m). 29/03.Five consortia have submitted technical and economical offers for the concession contract for the harbour tunnel which includes an immersed section (2 x 1,240 m) and two connecting tunnels at each end (2 x 1,086 m and 594 m + 1,072 m). They are Tunnel Thermaikou (Vinci SA / Vinci Construction Grands Projets / J&P-Avax / Etheth / Cofiroute); Poseidon (Hochtief Projektentwicklung GmbH / Hochtief Construction / Dragados Concesiones de Infraestructuras / Dragados Obras y Proyectos / Ballast Nedam / Athena); Trans Port Thessaloniki (Strabag / Bilfinger Berger / Aegek); Thermaiki Odos (Elliniki Technodomiki / Aktor / Boskalis International / Archirodon Group / Themeliodomi); and Bouygues TP / ASF / Alte / Volker Stevin. The preferred bidder is expected to be announced in March 2005. Estimated cost is EUR322.8 million. 49/04.Thermaiki Odos, a Greek-Dutch consortium including Elliniki Technodomiki, Aktor, Archirodon Group, Themeliodomi and Boskalis International, won the tender for a 30-year concession contract for the Thessaloniki harbour tunnel including an immersed section (2 x 1,240 m) and two connecting tunnels at each end (2 x 1,086 m and 594 m + 1,072 m). The offer submitted by the consortium puts the contribution of the Greek government to construction and operation at EUR66.5 million. Construction will take four years once the contract is signed. The estimated cost of the tunnel is EUR322.8 million. 20/05.Following unprecedented delays, the concession agreement for the Thessaloinki submerged tunnel was signed on 31st October, 2006. The agreement ties in the Greek Ministry of Public Works, the concession company Thermaiki Odos, and the initial shareholders to the completion of the deal. The project cost is EUR472 million, of which about EUR100 million will be funded by the Greek State, EUR60 million from the sponsors, whilst the remainder is put up by the commercial bank and EIB loans. Hellenic Technodomiki has a 50% stake in the venture while Archirodon and Boskalis control 32.5% and 17.5% respectively. The consortium will build a 6.5 km underwater tunnel and operate the concession for 30 years. The project must still be ratified by parliament and construction is expected to begin by March 2007 and complete in four years. Click gr/23. 45/06.