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Germany, Hesse - de/46


Closing Date: 10.03.2015 (Tender Closed)

Negotiated invitation to tender, deadline 10.03.2015, for equipment and maintenance of Hirschhagen tunnel (4,174 m, 4,204 m) on the A 44 motorway Kassel-Herleshausen. Contact Hessen Mobil, attn Mr Richter/Mr Dittrich), Wiesbaden, tel +49 6113663374, fax +49 6113663303, e-mail christian.richter@mobil.hessen.de. Offers to Hessen Mobil, dept Q11, attn Mrs Yvonne Piana, Wiesbaden, tel +49 6113663421, fax +49 6113663435, e-mail  yvonne.piana@mobil.hessen.de. Visit http://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=49223-2015. Ref. n. 9j6-A44 Tunnel Hirschhagen TTA. 07/15.