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France, Paris - fr/51


70,000 cu m storage collector proposed by Association of Regional Authorities between Pont National and Ivry to be TBM-driven 1.8 km at 7 m diameter in chalk. Invitation to tender expected 2002 for completion 2004. Refer to European Gazette or visit http://ted.eur-op.eu.int July 2000. Preinformation notice for construction of a 1,890 m-long 7 m ID rainwater storage tunnel to be driven using a full-face EPB TBM plus a 20 m-diameter 30 m-deep shaft in the 13th district of Paris and the city of Ivry. Capacity of 80,000 cubic metres. Estimated cost €55 million. Tenders to be invited in January 2003 and construction to start in August 2003. Visit http://ted.eur-op.eu.int/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=185226-2002, OJ S 233, or contact SIAAP, Paris, fax +33 144756100. 49/02.Open call for bids, deadline 19th May, 2003 for construction of the Ivry-Masséna storage tunnel for a capacity of 80,000 cubic metres of stormwater, length 1,890 m and 7 m in diameter. The tender also includes other associated works, among which a 20 m-diameter 32 m-deep shaft. Visit http://ted.publications.eu.int/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=064892-2003, OJ S 74, or contact SIAAP, Paris, fax +33 144756100. 17/03.A JV between Bouygues TP, Razel, Spie Fondations and Campenon Bernard has won a €62.7 million contract to drive the 1,860 m-long 7 m-inner diameter sewer overflow tunnel between Masséna in the 13th district of Paris and the city of Ivry, south of Paris. Also construction of a 20 m-inner diameter 32 m-deep shaft. In principle, the tunnel will be driven using an EPB shield, either the Herrenknecht TBM currently used on contract 2 of the Toulouse metro or a new machine to be acquired. Lining rings made up of five reinforced concrete segments plus key. Geology: plastic clay, medium to coarse sands, marly limestone and chalk. Water pressure of 2.5 bar. Mucking-out technique not determined yet, either conveyor belt or muck cars. Work to start in December 2003 with time frame of 36 months. Visit www.siaap.fr and www.bouygues-construction.com 50/03.Invitation to tender for construction of sewerage works, deadline 08.12.2008, including 1.675 km-long, 1.6 m-diameter sewer with five entry shafts and four exit shafts using microtunnelling techniques. Contract duration 24 months. Contact SIAAP tel +33 144 75 4426, e-mail gerard.mary@siaap.fr, or visit www.siaap.fr for full announcement. 45/08.