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France, Paris - fr/44

Metro Line 4

STIF, the Paris area transport authority, has approved the Line 4 extension between Montrouge and Bagneux. The 3.2 km underground extension will serve three new stations at Mairie de Montrouge, Verdun sud and Bagneux. The first phase comprises the construction of the Mairie de Montrouge station and the tunnel from Porte d'Orléans, for a cost of €144 million. Commissioning programmed for 2007. Visit www.stif-idf.fr 17/02.Negotiated procedure, deadline 21st July, 2006 for construction of the Porte d'Orleans-Montrouge extension on Line 4. The 1,477 m-long extension is divided in three lots and includes an underground station in Mairie de Montrouge. Read E-News Weekly 16/2005. Visit http://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=118057-2006, OJ S 110, or contact RATP, Paris, fax +33 158769449. E-mail thomas.arrondeau@ratp.fr 25/06.A joint venture of BEC Frères, Soletanche Bachy, Urbaine de Travaux and Sotraisol Fondations bagged a EUR35.6 million contract to build lot T1 of the extension of Line 4 from Porte d'Orléans to Montrouge. This is a 677 m tunnel. Read E-News Weekly 16/2005. These companies also pocketed lot T3 of the tender for the construction of niches in the existing tunnel in Porte d'Orleans. Read E-News Weekly 14/2007. Visit www.becfreres.com, www.soletanche-bachy.com, www.fayat.com/2978-11197-11300-11641-11710/URBAINE-DE-TRAVAUX.htm, www.sotraisol.fr and http://extension-reseau.ratp.fr/m4 06/08.A joint venture of Razel and its parent company Bilfinger Berger bagged a EUR36.2 million contract to build lot T2. This is a 800 m tunnel and the Mairie de Montrouge station. Read E-News Weekly 16/2005. Visit www.razel.fr, www.bilfingerberger.de and http://extension-reseau.ratp.fr/m4 06/08.