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France, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes - fr/39


Awarded the contracts for light and heavy maintenance of ventilation in tunnels for APRR, AREA and ADELAC.

AXIMA CONCEPT from Lyon, Lot 1, value EUR870 207,44, excluding VAT, for Maurice Lemaire tunnel;

YVROUD from Aiton, Lot 2, value EUR 1.39 million, excluding VAT, for  tunnel Chamoise, Saint-Germain and Chatillon of APRR on the A40 motorway; and Lot 3, value EUR 1.92 million, excluding VAT, for tunnels Dullin (1600 m), Epine (3200 m), Sinard (995 m), Uriol (490 m) and Petit Brion (595 m) of AREA and ADELAC on the A41, A43 and A51 motorways. Contact APRR, Saint Apollinaire, email Laurence.galland@aprr.fr. Visit https://ted.europa.eu/en/notice/-/detail/159201-2024. Ref.n. BPC000956. 11/24.