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France, Paris - fr/127

Grand Paris Express

Periodic indicative notice without call for competition for civil works on Line 16 of Grand Paris Express and its connections to Line 14, Line 15 and Line 17 and the Aulnay site maintenance. The contract, composed of 3 lots, will include track works on part of the infrastructure.

Lot 1: a 19.6 km tunnel driven by 6 TBMs (diameter 9.80 m, 8.85 m and 7.70 m), a 560 m section to the adit of maintenance site and 5 underground stations at Stade de France, Saint-Denis Pleyel, La Courneuve «Six routes», Le Bourget RER and Le Blanc Mesnil.

Lot 2: 11.1 km tunnel driven by 2 TBMs (diameter 9.80 m) and 4 underground stations at Aulnay, Sevran-Beaudottes, Sevran-Livry and Clichy-Montfermeil.

Lot 3: 5.5 km tunnel driven by 1 TBM (diameter 9.80 m) and the underground Chelles station.

Further information from Societe du Grand Paris, att.n M. Dominique Legrand, Saint-Denis, tel +33 175653855, fax +33 175622362, e-mail Travaux.ligne16@societedugrandparis.fr.  Visit http://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=185696-2016. 28/16.