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Ecuador, Guayaquil - ec/17


Lahmeyer International will carry out the feasibility study for the new San Eduardo tunnel in Guayaquil. This 1.4 km tunnel will relieve traffic in Carlos Julio Arosemena and El Bombero avenues, northeast of the city. The study will determine, amongst other things, if a single or double-tube tunnel can be built under San Eduardo hill. Contract value: US$430,000. The study will be completed within 60 days. Studies and detailed design financed by the government (75%) and the city (25%). Once the feasibility is completed, tenders will be invited for detailed design. Visit www.lahmeyer.de 39/03.The Andean Development Corporation (CAF) approved a USD35 million loan to finance the San Eduardo tunnel project in Guayaquil. The San Eduardo tunnel will be 3,315 m in length and will cost USD7.4 million. Visit www.caf.com 14/04.The Andean Development Corporation (CAF) granted a USD35 million loan to Ecuador for financing the San Eduardo tunnel planned by the city of Guayaquil, budgeted at USD74 million. The project is part of a new north-south connection including two 3.75 km parallel tunnels. 35/04.Lahmeyer International has been selected to complete definitive design studies for the San Eduardo tunnel in Guayaquil. The study is due in June or July 2005. A bidding process will start almost immediately after and civil works are set to begin between October 2005 and January 2006. The two-way 1,320 m-long 102 sq m tunnel will have three lanes running in each direction and will connect the northern and southern parts of the city. CAF to provide USD35 million in financing for the USD74 million project. Visit www.lahmeyer.de 39/04.The government and the city of Guayaquil have signed an agreement clearing the way for USD35 million in financing to build the San Eduardo tunnel in the city. 70% will come from the central government but financed by a credit from the Andean Development Corporation (CAF) to be allocated in 2006. The remaining 30% will come from the city.The San Eduardo tunnel is a 1.3 km 102 sq m twin bored tunnel. The geology is the Cayo formation, composed of compact and solid sandstone intercalations, lutites and breccia inclined 22 degrees to the south. Class I, II and III according to classification of the rock mass by Bienawski. The tunnel will be excavated by an excavator equipped with hydraulic hammer at the portals and then drilling and blasting. Support with grouted and resin bolts, HEB steel arches, steel pipes for forepoling, simple and double welded mesh, shotcrete without fibres and concrete reinforced with fibres. Planned equipment include fans every 50 m, lighting, monitoring and firefighting systems. There will be three cross passages each 350 m between the tunnels with steel gates resistant to high temperatures and 42 m-wide lay-bys in the middle where the rock mass is of better quality (Class I). 48/05.The four bidders for the construction of the San Eduardo tunnel are José Cartellone / Messaikos, with an offer of USD56,962,915; Astaldi / Compaí±í­a General de Construcciones, with USD50,112,308; OHL / Semaica, the lowest bidder with USD49,936,985; and Constructor San Eduardo, with USD57,449,418. Click ec/17. Visit www.guayaquil.gov.ec 49/05.The city of Guayaquil awarded to OHL and Semaica a nearly USD50 million contract to build the 1.3 km San Eduardo tunnel. The contract is scheduled to be signed at the end of the month. Maximum period for construction is 24 months. Visit www.ohl.es and www.semaica.com 08/06.A JV between Louis Berger Group, Tahal Consulting Engineers and Consultoria Tecnica Cia. Ltda. has been selected to supervise the construction by the OHL-Semaica JV of the 1.3 km San Eduardo tunnel in north Guayaquil. Visit www.louisberger.com and www.tahal.com 19/06.


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