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Ecuador, Pichincha - ec/16


Tendering opened since 30th January, 2002 for the renovation of the Avenida Interoceí¡nica, closed since June, 1999. During the first phase will be constructed the 1,180 m south tunnel, with two lanes and equipped with fire detection, ventilation, lighting, signalling, monitoring and drainage. The first portion of the north tunnel, 200 metres in length, will be constructed simultaneously. Consulting firms are Astec, Higgeco, and Leí³n y Godoy. First phase to cost $18 million. Work to commence in June, 2002. E-mail Astec to Eng. Alberto Pérez, astec@asteconsult.com or lroggiero@asteconsult.com. Also e-mail Leon y Godoy to Eng. Carlos Leí³n Romero, dbrigs1@dbrigs.com.ec 06/02. Award to Argentinian contractor José Cartellone of the construction of the south tunnel as part of the rehabilitation of the Interoceí¡nica road which links Quito with the Valle de Tumbaco. The portals of this 1,216 m-long tunnel will be built in cut-and-cover (58.67 m and 25 m). The 11 m-wide tunnel will accommodate two 3.5 m-wide lanes and 1 m-wide sidewalks. Height to the smoke extractors of 5.67 m and height to the top of 6.7 m. Support with steel arches and concrete lining. Anti-fire devices, drainage, ventilation, lighting and electric power. Contract value US$18.4 million. Maximum time frame November 2003. The second stage of the project will require to build the north tunnel. Visit www.cartellone.com.ar 49/02.