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Ecuador, Manabi - ec/13

Water Transfer

  11.4 km-long x 4.04 m-diameter segmentally-lined TBM tunnel underway by Brazilian contractor Odebrecht using Robbins TBM. More from scabrera@ec.odebrecht.com October 2000. Odebrecht reports progress of more than 1 km/month by Robbins double-shielded TBM on 11.4 km-long x 3.5 m internal diameter tunnel lined with hexagonal steel-fibre reinforced segments. Best 24h daily advance 67.4 m; best 7-day week 400 m; best month September, 2000 with 1.505 km of lined tunnel. Assymetrical backup designed by SELI runs on its own track to one side of the tunnel, allowing forward access for trains along the parallel track. Completion expected by end-2000. Second 4.1 km-long tunnel will start February, 2001 for completion by June 2001. Owner is Centro de Rehabilitacion de Manabi, and designer a jv of Engevix/Acolit. More from daniloa@ec.odebrecht.com or visit www.robbinstbm.com October 2000.Odebrecht reports breakthrough of 4.04 m-diameter Robbins double-shield TBM at La Esperanza-Poza Honda on 13th December, 2000. Final statistics: length 11.49 km; start boring 17th February, 2000; best day 67.43 m; best week 413.57 m; best month 1,568.59 m; average 39.05 m/day; TBM utilisation 36.9 %. Visit www.odebrecht.com and www.robbinstbm.com 04/01.Odebrecht reports breakthrough of 4.5 km x 4.04 m-diameter Tunnel 3 by Robbins double-shielded TBM after 69 working days in soft, dry and homogeneous sedimentary rock at 65.86 m/day setting hexagonal precast concrete segmental lining with a 3.5 m i.d. TBM utilisation 50.8% with best 24 h advance 101.01 m, best 7-day week 535 m, best month 1,842 m. Visit www.odebrecht.com and www.robbinstbm.com 24/01.