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Colombia, Medellin - co/18

Hydro Power

Invitation to prequalify for construction of the 660 MW Porce III hydropower project in the northeast zone of the Antioquia region, 147 km from Medellin. Interested parties have until 2nd September, 2004 to buy the prequalification documents and until 16th September, 2004 to return the prequalification documents.The scheme is being developed by Empresas Publicas de Medellin (EEPPM). Conceptual design and update of the environmental impact study by EEPPM. Detail design by Ingetec and Klohn Crippen.Retaining works include a 170 million cu m reservoir; a 151 m-high concrete face rockfill dam; a 653.3 m-long 10.5 m-diameter divertion tunnel; a 37.5 m-high rolled compacted concrete cofferdam; a provisional cofferdam; a 251.5 m-long access adit; a bottom discharge; a spillway; and a water intake system comprising a submerged structure, a gate shaft, two 5 m-wide by 7.8 m-high wheel gates, an upper headrace tunnel and the gate shaft drainage adit. The power station works include a headrace tunnel and a powerhouse. The headrace tunnel is divided in a 12,301 m-long x 10.2 m-diameter upper section following a 1% slope and a 304 m-long x 10.2 m-diameter lower section with a 7.7% slope. Both sections are connected by means of a 149 m-long 10.3 m-diameter vertical shaft. The lower headrace section will connect the four generating unit branches through a 6.1 m-diameter steel lined tunnel. Three intermediate adits will be opened to facilitate the construction of the headrace tunnel. Adit 1 is 520.6 m long, the second is 648.9 m and the third 465.2 m. A 121.15 m-long x 18.2 m-wide x 40.7 m-high underground power house will be located upstream of El Boqueron stream, on the left side of the Porce River. The power house will have an access tunnel 493.25 m in length, with a horseshoe section, 7 m excavated diameter and 7.6% slope.The tailrace works include four draft tube tunnels for each generating unit, with a variable length ranging from 50.25 m to 57.05 m and a horseshoe section varying from 7.94 m upstream to 7.75 m downstream; a 76.41 m-long discharge header tunnel, with a horseshoe section of a variable width between 5.7 m and 10.4 m; a 827.45 m-long tailrace tunnel featuring a 4.9 m-high horseshoe section at the walls and a 5.1 m radius semi-circular vault; a 348 m downstream surge tunnel, with a 8.5 m-wide x 8.7 m-high horseshoe section, 4.45 m high at the walls and 4.5 m radius semi-circular vault. The downstream surge tunnel will start at the powerhouse access tunnel, will connect to the tailrace tunnel and will be used as a construction tunnel.Contact Empresas Píºblicas Medellí­­n E.S.P., Subgerencia Proyectos Generacií³n, Carrera 58 No. 42-125, Piso 9, Oficina 09-387, Medellí­­n. E-mail p3central@eeppm.com. Visit www.eeppm.com/porce3/index.htm for a description of the project in English. 35/04.The three prequalified bidders for construction of the water tunnel, underground powerhouse and associated works as part of the Porce III hydropower scheme are Norberto Odebrecht; consortium CCC Porce III including Construcoes Comercio Camargo Correa (Brazil), Conconcreto and Coninsa - Ramon H, both of Colombia; and the Hidro Porce JV set up by Ferrovial Agroman and three Colombian partners: El Condor, Grupo Odinsa and Mincivil. Tenders have to be submitted on 29th March, 2005 at the latest. Contract award and work start expected around June 2005. Click co/18. Visit www.eeppm.com/servicios/energia/web-proy-internet/index.htm 11/05.Colombian multi-utility Empresas Píºblicas de Medellí­n (EPM) has awarded USD449 million in construction contracts for the 600 MW Porce III hydroelectric project to Brazilian-Colombian consortium CCC Porce III. CCC Porce III is a consortium comprising Brazilian construction firm Construí§oes e Comercio Camargo Correa (50%) and Colombian firms Conconcreto (32%) and Coninsa & Ramí³n H. (18%). CCC Porce III bid USD209 million for the contract to build the powerhouse and USD240 million for the dam contract. CCC Porce III is scheduled to start initial construction works in December. The construction of the powerhouse is scheduled to take about two years for excavation and foundation works, four years for construction of the 12.3 km headrace tunnel and five years to complete the project. The construction of the dam works is scheduled to take 1.5 years to redirect the Porce river, 4.5 years to complete the outlet channel and five years to finish the dam. The first unit of the Porce III project, 147 km northeast of Medellin, is scheduled to start operations in June 2010. The project should enter full operations in 2011. Click co/18 for details on civil engineering works. Visit www.eeppm.com/porce3/index.htm, www.cccc.camargocorrea.com.br, www.conconcreto.com and www.coninsaramonh.com 49/05.