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China, Hong Kong - cn/55

Hung Hom Cross - Harbour Tunnel

Prequalification notice closed since 19th October, 2001 for maintenance and repairs to the concrete lining to remedy such defects as spalling, cracks and delamination inside 1,625 m-long 9.4 m-inner diameter twin tubes. Contract CV/2001/08 to be awarded in April, 2002. Duration of 33 months. Estimated annual maintenance cost of about HK$ 0.5 million. Visit www.info.gov.hk/ced/eng/tender/tender_f.htm 47/01.Award to Sun Fook Kong (Civil) Ltd of a maintenance and repair contract for this 1.6 km twin-tube tunnel. The contract is expected to commence in April 2002. Contract period will be 33 months. Visit www.hyd.gov.hk/content/index.htm and www.sfk.com.hk 18/02.